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We’re a technology company. We’re also in the technology training business.

Why? Because we believe that knowledgeable customers are happy customers. And more than anything else, we’re in the happy customer business.

Welcome to Plex Education Services

Plex Education Services offer a complete training curriculum for users of the Plex Cloud. Like any institution of higher learning, we offer our customers several ways to get smart about the Plex Cloud and get maximum value from the experience.

The Value of Plex Education Services

Plex Education Services are offered to all system users at any time. When employees are trained on how to use the system and understand how ERP drives all functions along the buy-make-ship critical path, you’ll see employees take ownership of their own performance.

  • Training eliminates brain drain when a single employee leaves
  • Continuous training brings new employees up to speed
  • Continuous learning leads to continuous improvement and innovation

Business is better in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Business is better on the plant floor when you make a commitment to educate and train your workforce to use the most powerful ERP for manufacturers.

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Plex Education Services: Plex Community, Training, and Development

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Plex Education Services: 3 Steps to Increase Your Plex Knowledge