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Living ERP Grows with your Business

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is constantly changing and growing. Like your business.


What is the Plex Manufacturing Cloud?

Plex ERP is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) or Cloud ERP solution. The SaaS delivery model is explained, along with the advantages available to manufacturers in a range of industries.

What is Cloud ERP?

Cloud Computing or Cloud ERP means that the software application is available “in the cloud” hosted by the vendor via state-of-the-art data centers.

Business Continuity

Take a look at how we operate. Our everyday processes ensure a high level of service, consistency and recoverability.

Cloud vs. On-Premise

A useful chart shows the differences between software delivered as a SaaS solution, and on-premise legacy systems.


Your data is safe with us. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud has been designed to provide the highest level of security possible.


Is your data secure with SaaS or Cloud ERP? How are SaaS systems priced? Handy FAQs answer your most commonly asked questions.

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ERP as a Living System

When it comes to system upgrades, we do all the heavy lifting. Community-driven system upgrades are done without the user having to lift a finger. Read more.