What is Cloud Manufacturing ERP?

Keep your focus on your business instead of IT with cloud ERP. Get world-class functionality without the cost, upkeep or headaches of traditional ERP implementations.

At a Glance

Lower costs by letting Plex provide and manage your entire ERP infrastructure through the cloud manufacturing

Avoid hidden costs by paying a predictable, low annual fee for the complete ERP system you need to run your business

Rest easy knowing Plex will deliver 24/7 availability and rock-solid security

Take advantage of the latest cloud manufacturing functionality and innovations without lifting a finger

So What Exactly is the Cloud?

The term “cloud” has become so ubiquitous, its true value and benefit can get lost. But under all the hype, “cloud” simply means that your software, data and related infrastructure are hosted remotely via the Internet. Cloud manufacturing has become so popular because it lowers costs while scaling seamlessly with your business. Essentially you’re paying someone else to deal with your IT headaches, including support, security and maintenance. You only pay for what you need, and you can expand or change cloud services on the fly — with no capital outlay.

Cloud Manufacturing is Safe and Reliable

While some industries have been late to shift their investments to the cloud, even large banks and government agencies are now on board. The truth is that cloud manufacturing services from reputable suppliers are more secure and more reliable than most businesses can deliver in-house — and that can become a distinct competitive advantage for you. Plex operates according to a published service level that ensures best-in-class uptime, which means your systems are always available when you need them. From ironclad firewalls and automated security sniffers to concrete walls and biometric control systems, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud has been designed from the ground up to provide the highest level of security.

“Plex was a key component in the company’s growth and allowed us to successfully manage a 50% growth rate this year.” Ben Sommerville, Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix Logistics

Bringing ERP Into the Cloud

Your core competency is manufacturing, not managing software and hardware. Until recently, however, manufacturers had little choice but to become IT experts and troubleshooters to take advantage of broad and deep ERP functionality. But all that has changed as Plex has emerged as the industry leader in bringing ERP to the cloud. Built strictly for cloud manufacturing deployment, Plex Manufacturing Cloud solutions meet or exceed the functionality of on-premise ERP systems. As a result, you gain the broadest, deepest ERP functionality available while reaping all of the cloud’s benefits.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud Advantage

Plex offers a lower total cost of ownership:

  • Centralized services and infrastructure create economies of scale that allow Plex to offer enterprise-class reliability, security, maintenance and support for far less than it would cost to do it yourself.
  • Unlimited scalability and faster time-to-value (thanks to no capital expense or delays in getting started or expanding) mean no costly upgrades, updates or obsolete hardware.
  • Built with a modern, intuitive user interface, Plex is easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Furthermore, no other ERP vendor innovates at the pace of Plex. We offer updates on a daily basis for our entire customer base — giving you the option of accepting or foregoing each update — so you can take advantage of new innovations the minute they become available without disruption.


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