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diginomica: College Park Industries shows us how they are building the prosthetics of the future
Prosthetic manufacturer College Park Industries identifies quality, customization, and inventory control as the key operational differentiators that allow them to change the lives of their customers – one same-day-shipped prosthetic at a time.
MetalForming: Industrial IoT Suite Addresses Shop-Floor Challenges in Real Time
Plex Industrial IoT grants access to the underlying machine intelligence, delivering to manufacturers timely and accurate insight in a single solution, thus eliminating operational surprises.
Manufacturing Leadership Council: Manufacturing Leadership Awards program honors 2019 top industry innovators
Plex customer Kamco Industries is recognized as a high achiever, winning an award for its Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) leadership at the annual Manufacturing Leadership Summit.
PowerPlex 2019: One More Manufacturing ERP Vendor Early to Embrace IIoT [MondayMusings]
LNS Research analyst Patrick Fetterman shares his key learnings from attending PowerPlex 2019.
Getting ERP Users to Upgrade—Cloud vs. Traditional Systems
Analyst Frank Scavo discusses vendors' strategies for system upgrades, noting the unique differences between multi-tenant SaaS solutions and traditional on-premise systems.
The Fabricator: Plex’s Industrial IoT suite release focuses on asset performance management
Plex Industrial IoT, which connects machines to the cloud, helps companies avoid manufacturing disruption caused by unplanned downtime, diminished machine performance, and substandard quality output.
Plex Systems Recognizes Manufacturing Leaders with Annual Impact Awards
Plex Impact award winners represent the future of manufacturing. Learn more about the 2019 winners.
How software vendors grow - time for Plex to flex
Industry analyst Brian Sommer shares his takeaways from PowerPlex 2019.
Plex Systems Recognizes Leading Partners with Annual Impact Awards
Plex Impact Awards recognize the commitment our partners demonstrate to apply and extend the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to drive customer success. Learn more.
Enterprise Times: Toyotetsu goes live with Plex
Automotive supplier Toyotetsu America, Inc. demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement by investing in a connected manufacturing enterprise, leveraging Plex as the complete system of record inclusive of PLCs on the shop floor to the top floor.
MITechNews: Plex Debuts Industrial IoT Suite; Opens Prague Office
MITechNews covers two highlights from PowerPlex 2019: The announcement of Plex’s Industrial IoT offering, which will initially deliver actionable insights into asset performance management (APM) and the opening of a service and support office in Prague.
Plex: From shop floor to top floor
Deal Architect's Vinnie Mirchandani provides an overview of PowerPlex 2019.
PowerPlex 2019 - Toyotetsu takes the real-time cloud manufacturing plunge
Analyst Jon Reed highlights Plex customer Toyotetsu and their approach to machine integration and implementation.
Corp! magazine: Plex Systems Helps Close the Manufacturing Workforce Skills Gap with $40,000 Donation to FIRST®
Plex helps prepare the next generation of manufacturing leaders through a $40,000 donation to the FIRST® organization to advance industry-relevant education, skills development, and career mentorship.
Plex Systems Helps Close the Manufacturing Workforce Skills Gap with $40,000 Donation to FIRST®
Plex Systems is helping prepare the next generation of manufacturing leaders through a $40,000 donation to the FIRST® organization to advance education, skills development, and career mentorship. Learn more.
ThomasNet News: Plex Systems Opens Customer Support and Professional Services Office in Prague
Plex’s office in Prague will serve the growing number of Plex customers with plants in Europe. More than 2,300 plants around the world run on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.
ThomasNet News: New IoT Solution Suite Focuses on Asset Performance Management (APM)
Plex Industrial IoT taps machine data to give manufacturers insights into machine performance, quality, productivity, and avoid unplanned downtime. Manufacturing Survey: Choose the Right Technology
According to 150 manufacturers, here's where you should be making your future technology investments.
PowerPlex 2019 review - CEO Bill Berutti on why Plex's shift in cloud manufacturing strategy will fuel growth
During PowerPlex 2019, analyst Jon Reed sat down with Plex CEO to discuss Plex's growth strategy.
Plex Systems Debuts Industrial IoT Solution Suite
Plex Systems releases Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), a suite of solutions designed to solve business challenges generating from the shop floor. Learn more.