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Manufacturing Automation

Close the loop between plant floor and top floor.

Harness the Power of Modern Technology

Ready to streamline processes, connect data between your machines, and eliminate manual errors? Manufacturing automation is the heart of several Plex solutions including Production Monitoring, Asset Performance Management, and MES Automation and Orchestration. Backed by these tools, you gain production control and maximize your uptime at the same time​. Now that’s smart manufacturing.

Preview Monitor Performance

Drive better performance and predictability

With real-time access to production metrics enabling faster, more confident decisions.

Preview Manufacturing Process

Increase plant control

With full visibility to machine performance and health to maximize uptime and throughput.

Preview Automate

Optimize production efficiency

By automating machine data flow, plant, and business processes to eliminate manual errors and increase speed.

Manufacturing Automation Capabilities

  • Take Control of Your Plant Floor Data

    Connect your machines on the plant floor to drive continuous improvements and increase OEE. With Production Monitoring you gain transparent, real-time operational KPIs without the effort of tedious manual production tracking. Production monitoring allows your operators to focus on producing products and eliminating costly mistakes.

  • Automate and Orchestrate Plant Floor Processes

    Manual paper-based systems get in the way of manufacturing excellence. They bring along with them safety risks, productivity dips, and quality costs. Not to mention take workers’ focus away from value-adding activities. Plex MES Automation and Orchestration automates setups, data entry, and other processes with Plex MES to increase the control of the flow of information for efficiency. This eliminates those disruptive and costly manual errors and saves precious time.

  • Turn Plant Floor Insights into Action

    When production equipment fails a domino effect launches resulting in downtime, production risk, and cost. But there’s a better way. Plex Asset Performance Management (APM), coupled with Plex MES, helps businesses ensure optimal uptime, maximize throughput, and proactively approach maintenance needs. This makes you look like the hero in the event of the unexpected and your operations are inherently error-proofed.