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412% ROI!

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Manufacturing business man using Plex ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An ERP born on the shop floor. Made by—and for—manufacturers.

Finally, a single source of truth for everyone from your top floor to your shop floor.

Enterprise-wide visibility in one holistic system means you can stop worrying about software maintenance and data consolidation and focus instead on your business.


Drive performance, increase revenue and reduce costs

Using a single system with integral ERP and MES that delivers a real-time view of your entire production lifecycle across all plants.


Mitigate risk, maintain quality, and protect brand reputation

For both you and and your customers with full traceability and operations monitoring.


Complement ERP capabilities with Industrial IoT (IIoT)

Add a deeper layer of enterprise visibility for monitoring asset and plant-level performance.

Plex ERP Capabilities

  • Purpose-Built ERP for Manufacturing

    Leverage a system focused on the unique demands of your industry

    Plex’s business management system was designed for manufacturing from the beginning, containing the depth and breadth needed to minimize risks by staying in compliance with statutory and industry regulations.


  • Everything in One Place

    Gain a holistic view into your enterprise operations

    Manage your financial, operational, and IT strategies in one system, connecting your shop floor to your top floor with end-to end production and supply chain visibility and control.

  • Seamless Connectivity

    Respond to market demands or customer changes without interrupting production

    Plex ERP includes a fully integrated, flexible, configurable MES, standardizing your operations and ensuring that every change from the top floor is effortlessly dispatched to the shop floor, with no disruption to workflow.

Aligned with extreme precision to the pillars of Smart Manufacturing.

Plex ERP is designed to provide immediate value for your company, while preparing you for whatever tomorrow brings.

What is Smart Manufacturing?
  • Connect

    Connect your people, suppliers, and customers to a single source of truth.

  • Automate

    Automate workflows to create a digital paper trail and integrate processes with EDI for accurate supplier records and delivery.

  • Track

    Track all physical and digital transactions for greater accuracy and traceability.

  • Analyze

    Analyze real-time trends over time and uncover rich, contextual insights.


Explore Plex ERP’s Features

  • Product_ERP_Features_1

    Enterprise Accounting & Consolidation

    Financial consolidation and reporting across locations or business units — a must if your company has multiple entities.

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  • Product_ERP_Features_2

    Financial Management

    Complete view of all aspects of your enterprise to ensure compliance with customer, supplier, or industry needs. Includes accounting for AR/AP/GL, reporting, consolidation, and cash flow management.

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  • Product_ERP_Features_3

    Human Capital Management

    Tracking for employee expenses, time and attendance, labor, skills and training, incidents, and other records.

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  • Product_SupplyChain_Features_3

    Suppliers & Purchasing Management

    Purchasing functions include RFQ, inbound shipping, purchase orders, requisitions, and supplier pricing.

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