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Financial Management

One of the many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features you'll find on the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

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Capture Every Financial Activity in the Organization

With real-time, automated reporting delivered through flexible, comprehensive, and auditable accounting controls.

Bring your business functions together into a centralized management system with real-time, unmatched financial visibility and control.

Plex ERP Financial Management Capabilities

  • Anytime Access to Financial Analytics

    Stay on top of your top- and bottom-line performance with full visibility into your organization’s financial data

    lex empowers you to gain complete insight into your revenues and take action on expenses, profits, shipments, payables, receivables, and relevant trends. Easily communicate results across teams with built-in dashboards, self-service queries, and a library of metrics and KPIs.


    You can perform ad hoc analysis on enterprise-wide financial data, across multiple manufacturing locations, without any programming knowledge. Generate standard or customized versions of financial reports, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow, and have a comprehensive audit trail to support your compliance efforts.

  • Seamless Connectivity Across Your Entire Enterprise

    Translate your business and manufacturing operations into real-time financial data

    Use system-defined cost drivers or user-defined values to determine allocation percentages and create automated allocation journal entries. Manage a full order-to-cash cycle with customer invoices as well as a full procure-to-pay cycle with supplier invoices, including deposits and payments based in multiple currencies.


    Consolidate business functions to simplify transaction management. Process core accounting journal entries, automated reversal entries, and recurring transactions using built-in or third-party (Avalara) sales tax computation, reporting, and analysis.

  • Advanced Accounting

    Go beyond accounting basics with more automation, analysis, and other capabilities

    Plex provides a range of advanced accounting based on your business needs. For example, you can make tax-exempt purchases, depending on whether you buy inventory, supplies, services, and more. Automatically calculate sales and use taxes based on ship-from and ship-to addresses and accrue use tax liabilities. Set up or upload monthly and annual budgets for revenue and expense accounts and report on performance and variances.


    With Plex, you can also balance all accounting transactions posted to cash accounts against bank statements in real time while maintaining a running balance total. You can also reconcile each account as well as foreign currency transactions and automatically create foreign exchange adjustment transactions when needed.

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