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Automotive Manufacturing

Increase your productivity, visibility, and supplier rating to improve your responsiveness, drive shorter cycle times, and reduce risk.

Meeting Automotive Industry Challenges

Automotive manufacturing suppliers have to meet the needs of a demanding and competitive supply chain. Delivering on complex customer requirements can take focus away from reducing inventory, eliminating scrap, dealing with volatile commodity costs, and balancing a workforce that’s becoming harder to staff, grow, and keep. We know your industry and we’ve got your back.

The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform was born on the automotive shop floor and purpose-built to deliver the total visibility and integrated quality that you need to make world-class products and grow your business.

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Meet automotive compliance standards with Plex:

Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform Features & Benefits

Customer and Industry Compliance

  • Capture and access all production and quality data at the “manufacturing moment” to ensure compliance.
  • Meet International Automotive Task Force (IATF) and materials management operational guidelines/logistical evaluation (MMOG/LE).

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Support

  • Eliminate manual tasks and minimize errors with automated order creation, shipping notifications, and material requirements planning (MRP).
  • Save time with built-in EDI source documents that are linked to relevant transactions.
  • Easily incorporate new trading partners with software that is extensible with self-service capabilities.


Lean Manufacturing Principles

  • Reduce your costs and digitize your processes with software built on lean manufacturing principles. 
  • Leverage actionable information to understand costs, optimize schedules, eliminate waste, and keep up with the increasing pace of your business. 
  • Focus on continuous improvement and Kaizen events with included support capabilities.
  • Digitize your kanban pull-based scheduling with digital cards and racks.

Manufacturing Intelligence

  • Gain real-time insight into productivity, inventory, and quality for increased agility and production control. 
  • Leverage operational data collected at “the manufacturing moment” with easy-to-read dashboards that report Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), including uptime, production to goal, inventory consumption, quality performance, and more. 
  • Live dashboards replace whiteboards to drive operator performance and keep everyone on track.

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