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Exciting Announcement

Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation to Acquire Plex Systems


Manage diverse automotive interior product needs – from seating units to acoustics – cost-competitively to meet your diverse customer designs and demands.

Meet changing customer demands flexibly.

For automotive interior manufacturers, supporting diverse products with tight standards and design parameters requires precision and control. The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform enables manufacturers to follow strict design guidelines and measurements, focus on driving efficiencies and cost containment throughout the business, while enabling the flexibility to adapt using engineering change tracking.

Enterprise Visibility for Driving Business Improvement

Full data and operations monitoring

Enterprise Visibility for Driving Business Improvement

Clarity into production including work-in-process (WIP) inventory enables isolating areas for improvement and savings.

Quality to Ensure Accurate Product Delivery

Measure for continuous improvement

Quality to Ensure Accurate Product Delivery

Make quality a competitive differentiator by producing and measuring to strict standards while delivering on time.

Control Diverse Production Requirements

Manage product diversity

Control Diverse Production Requirements

Control product and material diversity and design with a fully digital, automated system that tracks measurements throughout the enterprise.

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