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MES Automation and Orchestration

Proven, agile, scalable data and process automation solution to turbo-charge Plex MES and your operations

Plex MES Automation and Orchestration—formerly Kors Engineering Mach2—connects your Plex MES to the plant edge to control information flow and processes adding efficiency, saving cost, and eliminating manual errors.

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Turn machines into Plex users

to drive rapid decision making by automating workflow based on machine data.

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Drive control

of unique and/or complex processes to remove human error and manual oversight.

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Solve unique challenges

with a low-code, drag-and-drop toolset for building applications that complement out-of-the-box MES functionality.

Plex MES Automation and Orchestration Capabilities

  • Automate

    Control your plant performance at the most granular level

    Automate data capture and processes to add increased levels of control, gain real-time machine status insights, accurately record production, improve traceability, and execute processes like job setup and lineside labeling.

  • Orchestrate

    Synchronize your plant floor and Plex MES

    Orchestrate and enforce complex processes through connectivity with Plex MES to synchronize plant floor activity and remove manual oversight. Ensure proper tools and setups are used to produce parts based on customer requirements.

  • Extend

    Create custom workflows in a low-code environment

    Extend your capabilities using low-code application building to create custom workflows, content specific visualizations, and solutions that meet localized needs and requirements.

Aligned with extreme precision to the pillars of Smart Manufacturing.

Plex MES Automation and Orchestration is designed to provide immediate value for your company, while preparing you for whatever tomorrow brings.

What is Smart Manufacturing
  • Connect

    Connect to the plant edge to control information flow and processes

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  • Automate

    Automate manual tasks to increase speed and reduce error

    Preview Automate
  • Track

    Track production and quality data capture at the machine level for data accuracy and rapid decision-making

    Preview Track
  • Analyze

    Analyze machine data to automate decisions and workflow

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Plex MES Automation and Orchestration Features

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    Preview Performance Graph

    Real-time Data Recording and Measurements

    Monitor and capture operational data to automatically feed quality check sheets and reduce human data input errors.

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    Preview Monitor with Boxes and Rows

    Low Code

    Simplify and automate complex, manual process flows using a drag-and-drop application builder.

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    Preview Smart Manufacturing

    Edge Connectivity

    Connect to the plant edge to drive effective control of information flow and processes.

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    Preview Clipboard Checklist

    Process Enforcement

    Provide connectivity and communication with Plex MES to ensure process enforcement and coordination.