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Production Monitoring

Driving Transparent, Real-Time Production Performance
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Turn Real-Time Plant Floor Insights into Action

Seamless connectivity to machines gives you the real-time operational KPIs you need to take control of your production performance. 


Drive Plant Performance

with real-time, accurate visibility of operational metrics to improve production and reduce downtime.

Growth Curve

​Continuously Improve

with actionable insights to improve production behavior and deliver on-going value.

Smart Manufacturing

Enable Manufacturing Transformation

with a rapid time-to-value solution and a path toward future smart manufacturing growth.

Plex Production Monitoring Capabilities

  • Digitally Track Production

    Say goodbye to dry-erase whiteboards! Plex Production Monitoring, powered by Plex Mach2, provides seamless connectivity to and from machines on the plant floor. With our out-of-the-box software you’ve got access to production visibility fast without draining resources.

  • Take Control with Clear Visualizations

    You’re always in the know. Easily customized dashboards, coupled with clear visuals provide instant feedback and up-to-date production metrics. And most importantly with data accuracy you can trust.

  • Always Do Better

    Continuous improvement cycles are enabled in real-time with real metrics. Not yesterday’s old news. That puts you in control to drive OEE optimizations and reduce unplanned downtime.

Aligned with Extreme Precision

Plex Production Monitoring is designed to give you 20/20 vision into your plant floor with immediate value.

What is Smart Manufacturing?
  • Connect

    Connect the plant floor to create a closed-loop system that truly measures productivity and other equipment KPIs in real time

  • Automate

    Automate data capture to improve the efficiency of information

  • Track

    Track data for instant feedback with clear visualizations of production metrics in real time

  • Analyze

    Analyze your operations to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint problem areas for continuous production improvements


Plex Production Monitoring Features

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    Goal On-Target

    OEE Optimization

    Measure, adjust, and aim for 100% quality, OEE performance, and availability.  

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    Process and Service

    Production Management

    Operators, supervisors, and maintenance can quickly identify bottlenecks and pinpoint problem areas in real time.

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    Monitor Performance

    Reporting and Extensibility

    Unlock key data to provide operational insight and continuous improvement.