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Plex Mobile

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Put Operational Control at Your Employees’ Fingertips

Your shop floor employees play a critical role as both the first and the last touchpoints with suppliers and customers. They manage time-sensitive activities related to inventory and production management, and they need instant access to data and tools to quickly complete role-relevant tasks. 

While the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform is natively browser-based and can be accessed securely from any browser, Plex Mobile is a complementary application that is specifically designed for mobile devices and plant-floor users. The user interface is tailored to simplify usage on small mobile devices and screens.

Plex Mobile Capabilities

  • Increased Efficiency

    Simplify user tasks and reduce time spent in capturing transaction data

    Leverage the Plex Mobile app from anywhere at any time using common devices with task-centric screens that enable rapid access to frequent transactions and relevant data.

  • Rapid Response

    Make quick and better informed decisions that minimize waste and optimize output

    Plex Mobile provides instant alerts and notifications as well as access to relevant data that keeps production and inventory moving. Because it is an extension of the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform, the data is reliable and real time.

  • Multi-Device Flexibility

    Familiar, flexible mobile experience enables higher adoption and efficiency

    Plex Mobile works with many types of devices from finger scanners to Bluetooth-enabled smart glasses. You can also use barcode scanners to track and manage your inventory in real time.

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The intuitive and interconnected Plex Mobile application simplifies your employees’ jobs and provides real-time connectivity to the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

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