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Plex makes software that connects, automates, tracks and analyzes manufacturing operations to help you build the products of tomorrow today.

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The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform

The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform is a digital system of record that connects people, systems, machines and supply chains, automates business processes, tracks data from the shop floor to the top floor, and delivers analytics for unmatched visibility, quality and control.

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Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform
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Born on the shop floor, raised to exacting specifications.

Plex was born on the shop floor of a factory making axles, pinion gears and drive shafts. Our founders are the workers who kept the presses running and made sure parts matched customer specs. Frustrated with inaccuracy and breakdowns, they built Plex to make the plant run better.

Plex rapidly expanded to support a wide range of discrete manufacturing operations from metal formers to food and beverage companies. The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform now connects every manufacturing operation in the cloud for maximum efficiency, productivity and visibility, while supporting continuous innovation.

Plex was acquired by Rockwell Automation in September 2021. To learn more about how we are bringing the Connected Enterprise to life across industrial enterprises, visit

“We built Plex walking between the shop floor and the boardroom, figuring out what we needed to track, measure and automate, then updating the software and iterating again. This model of continuous innovation still serves as the foundation of Plex solutions today.”

Jerry Foster Plex Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Our Core Values

These are the values we uphold at Plex, the ideals that motivate us to produce our best work and serve our clients with dedication and professionalism. You know—the little and not-so-little things that makes us who we are.


We do right by our customers.

It doesn’t get much simpler than this. We’re here to help you succeed. That’s the beginning, middle and end of why Plex exists. Customer success is the lifeblood of this business and the mindset that drives our every action.

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We are 100% engaged, 100% of the time.

We’re passionate about this place. We care about the people we work with. We believe in the mission. We look for ways to make life here better—not easier. And we always try to do the next right thing—for our customers and our company.


We respect the power of ideas.

Plex exists today because, years ago, one person had the capacity to look at a shop floor problem a little differently. That enabled him to find a solution that nobody else could. We never forget that a single idea changed everything.


We value values.

You know what matters here? Integrity matters here. The value of our word matters here. When we say we’ll do something, we’ll run through brick walls if need be to get it done. We approach every interaction with total respect and complete integrity.


We get it done.

On its own, all the knowledge and skill in the world isn’t enough. The perfect answer is not enough. We are measured by our deeds and our deeds alone. So we do whatever it takes to make all that knowledge count. Action is always the goal.


We’re more than a company.

The promise and potential of manufacturing shines brighter today, and technologies like Plex’s Smart Manufacturing Platform are the reason why. Smart manufacturing isn’t a trend, it’s a movement. And we’re leading it.

Make It Smart

See how Plex has helped manufacturers around the world meet new expectations to produce more precisely, transparently and efficiently—all while reducing waste—and how Plex can help you Make It Smart.

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