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Precision Metalforming and Fabrication Manufacturing

Increase productivity while reducing your cost of quality by maintaining tight control over inventory, equipment, schedules, and costs.

Connect and Drive Your Business

Run your precision metalforming and fabrication manufacturing business more profitably with unmatched visibility and traceability to support efficient operations, increased throughput, compliance, and cost control. We know your industry and we’ve got your back.

The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform was born on the shop floor and purpose-built to deliver the total visibility and integrated quality that you need to make world-class products and grow your business.

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Meet compliance standards with Plex:

  • ISO 9001:2015

Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform Features & Benefits

Full Visibility and Traceability

  • Gain full traceability of materials down to detailed genealogy, including raw materials, certification, chemistry/heats, grade, and physical characteristics to better manage your inventory investment.
  • Minimize unplanned downtime      with connectivity to equipment, industrial automation, and sensors to monitor your critical assets..
  • Keep a full, digital history—forever— of inventory, heats, production activities, test results, and more.

Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

  • Keep equipment operating efficiently and avoid unplanned downtime with predictive and preventive maintenance for increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Manage the production and maintenance of tooling.

Production Control

  • Leverage integrated functions like production scheduling, serialized inventory and tooling management and gain the broad and deep controls you need in a tight-margin, fluctuating cost environment.
  • Unlock greater potential from your critical human resources with integrated, error-proofed MES functionality.

Business Management

  • Fully integrated accounting tracks your costs from procurement through production and customer shipment, including purchase price variance (PPV) and other cost tracking.
  • Keep close tabs on all entities within the enterprise, including sub-contract operations to provide senior management with detailed and consolidated information they need to make informed management decisions.

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