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Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform

Automate business processes and track data from the plant floor to the top floor for unmatched visibility, quality and control.

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Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform Capabilities

The Smart Manufacturing Platform offers you options:

  • MES that Connects to your ERP

    If you have an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution you're happy with, but you're looking for an alternative for running production, Plex offers a manufacturing execution system (MES) that connects to your ERP solution.

  • A Top-Floor-to-Shop-Floor Solution

    If you're looking for a solution that includes ERP and MES in one, the Smart Manufacturing Platform offers fully-integrated MES, ERP, and supply chain management (SCM).

Total Business Visibility

Plex offers the flexibility to connect, automate, track, and analyze all aspects of your enterprise. Enhanced analytics provides additional levels of analysis. Industrial IoT (IIoT) enables shop floor production and asset management tracking. Plex can also centralize machine data collection from programmable logic controllers (PLC) for additional operational insights.

Explore the Full Platform

Built around the pillars of Smart Manufacturing, Plex Connects, Automates, Tracks, and Analyzes your operations.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

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Connect your people, suppliers, and customers to a single source of truth

Automate workflows and create a digital paper trail for reference and continuous improvement

Track all physical and digital transactions for greater accuracy and traceability

Analyze real-time trends over time and uncover rich, contextual insights

Manufacturing Execution System (MES/MOM)

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Connect to operations with a platform designed to support the speed, volume, and complexity of manufacturing transactions

Automate production transactions and manual tasks to ensure greater accuracy and free up workers’ time for higher-value activities

Track materials effectively throughout the entire journey, from receipt to shipment – including WIP – to deliver a real-time, granular view of the business

Analyze data collected at each manufacturing moment in the context of your enterprise-wide goals and metrics

Quality Management System (QMS)

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Connect quality documentation and standards available real-time, digitally – across the enterprise

Automate quality processes and check sheet data – updated in real-time

Track quality measured in-line with clear reporting and data access for simple audits

Analyze quality performance available through digital control plans and document control

Supply Chain Planning (SCP)


Connect your business and remove data silos with cloud-based planning to unite people, processes, and supply chains.

Automate and remove the guesswork from planning with system-calculated recommendations for order requirements, safety stock, and lead times.

Track data, material usage, and related financial transactions to optimize your supply chain.

Analyze and evaluate what matters most to drive informed inventory decision-making.

Production Monitoring

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Connect the plant floor to create a closed-loop system that truly measures productivity and other equipment KPIs in real time

Automate data capture to improve the efficiency of information

Track data for instant feedback with clear visualizations of production metrics in real time

Analyze your operations to identify bottlenecks and pinpoint problem areas for continuous production improvements

MES Automation & Orchestration (A&O)

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Connect to the plant edge to control information flow and processes

Automate manual tasks to increase speed and reduce error

Track production and quality data capture at the machine level for data accuracy and rapid decision-making

Analyze machine data to automate decisions and workflow

Asset Performance Management (APM)

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Connect shop floor performance data to maximize production and operational visibility

Automate alerts sent to personnel who can effectively react to behavioral data that’s outside of the norm

Track equipment performance trends over time to predict downtime for proactive planning

Analyze trends and compare operational data against other KPIs to discover new opportunities for improvement

  • Plex Mobile

    Plex Mobile puts the power of the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform directly in the hands of your shop floor employees.

    • Provides real-time connectivity to the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform anytime, anywhere, on any device.
    • Increases efficiency, decreases response times, and simplifies your employees’ everyday tasks.
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  • Plex Cloud Infrastructure

    Plex Cloud Infrastructure powers the Smart Manufacturing Platform through security, high availability, and scalability.

    • Your data is safe and in your control in a private cloud housed by one of the world’s most elite data centers.
    • Focus on your core business and stay flexible in response to market changes and business needs. 
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