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See How Plex Production Monitoring Drives Visibility

Preview See How Plex Production Monitoring Drives Visibility

Turn Real-Time Plant Floor Insights into Action

For manufacturers looking to empower their workforce with real-time KPIs that drive continuous improvement, there’s only one way forward: more visibility into operations and production.

Plex Production Monitoring is the smart manufacturing solution that harnesses the power of data from your plant floor, granting you clearer vision than ever before. Click through this interactive demo to see real screens from Plex Production Monitoring and discover how it helps you:

  • Gain visibility into real-time operational metrics at each workcenter
  • Calculate OEE and discover true productivity with performance, scrap and availability metrics
  • Show operators which variable impacts OEE and what that means for future production
  • Identify micro stoppages and downtime in real time
  • Compare planned and actual production data over various time periods

Launch the on-demand demo now to see exactly how Plex Production Monitoring grants you the visibility you need to empower your workforce and improve operations.