7th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing

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The Plex Digital Interactive Experience

Preview Digital Interactive Experience

Navigate Through a Cloud Powered Smart Manufacturing Journey

How do Plex solutions help you connect, automate, track, and analyze your operations? It’s never been easier to find out.

In this interactive experience, you’ll see a virtual plant floor of a simplified injection molding operation showcasing specific processes applicable to all manufacturers seeking to digitize operations. You control the flow as you decide which areas of the plant to explore, getting the detail you need for the capabilities that matter most to your business.  Discover the functions of 8 stations, including:

  • Front Office: make data-driven decisions
  • Plant Analytics: view real-time plant floor analytics
  • Mobile App: manage production and load raw material on-the-go
  • Injection Molder: perform quality checks and report scrap reasons
  • Heat Treatment: monitor machine variables with Plex APM
  • Paint Mix and Application: maximize mixer capacity with a batch operation
  • Pack and Label: automatically generate and print labels
  • Shipping and Fulfillment: validate orders and ship correct quantities

Launch the experience now to see how technology from Plex helps manufacturers like you get ahead.