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See How Plex Asset Performance Management Makes You Proactive

Preview See How Plex Asset Performance Management Makes You Proactive

Monitor Machine Health to Ensure Optimal Uptime, Throughput, and Maintenance

Manufacturers must have healthy machine assets to operate at a continuously high level. By relying on the right technology, a company can gain deep insights and analytics into plant-floor equipment to enable a proactive mindset, stopping issues before issues arise.

Plex Asset Performance Management is the smart manufacturing solution helps you monitor machines and identify trends to improve reliability, enhance quality, and drive condition-based maintenance. Click through this interactive demo to see real screens from Plex Asset Performance Management and discover how it helps you:

  • View the real-time status of machines in an asset dashboard
  • Monitor variables and recent events in real time to identify anomalies
  • See machine availability and status over specific time periods
  • Set thresholds and alerts to ensure assets don’t operate out of tolerance
  • Generate easy-to-read reports with a Pareto analysis to inform decisions

Launch the on-demand demo now to see exactly how Plex Asset Performance Management helps you to proactively monitor machine health.