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Plex MES for Automotive

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Gain Real-Time Visibility and Control of Your Operations

As an automotive manufacturer, you have unique needs from your technology solutions. Not just any manufacturing execution system (MES) will do – you require one that can help you optimize production schedules, efficiently manage inventory, and more.
The fastest way to understand if an MES is right for you is to see it in action. Click through this interactive demo to see real screens from

Plex MES and discover how it helps you:

  • Verify material inventory, perform quality setup checks, and log operator hours in the control panel
  • Confirm that the correct tool is loaded by tracking and managing tool life
  • Ensure source material is verified before recording production and implement in-process setup checks
  • See the number of unites produced and max yield values in real time
  • Rely on SPC charts to verify process performance and ensure repeatability

Launch the on-demand demo now to see exactly how Plex MES grants you the real-time visibility and control needed to ensure quality and efficiency.