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Body and Exterior

Produce automotive body and exterior parts to design and safety specifications required by your customers.

Drive repeatable, high-quality processes.

For automotive body and exterior manufacturers, repeatable processes aligned to tight customer specifications and adapting to design changes is key. The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform digitizes the production process to ensure accurate stamping, bending and shaping of body panels and other exterior parts for predictable, repeatable operations that increase output and reduce scrap rates.

Materials and Manufacturing Process Visibility

Track products through operations

Materials and Manufacturing Process Visibility

Use automation and tracking for monitoring and managing inventory and processes to ensure adherence to design and specifications.

Adhere and Deliver to Strict Quality Demands

Predictable processes and results

Adhere and Deliver to Strict Quality Demands

Instill quality through automated communications, in-line quality measurements and digitized checksheets to fully document results.

Control All Processes

Proactively manage the business

Control All Processes

A fully connected system delivers total control over your metals, foam, plastics and rubber bending and molding capabilities for quality body and exterior products.

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