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Exciting Announcement

Exciting Announcement

Rockwell Automation to Acquire Plex Systems


Electrical harness, lighting and component manufacturing requires detailed tracking, assembly and measurements to ensure products meet customer requirements.

Manage tight electrical requirements.

Manufacturing electrical systems for automotive companies requires following complex bills of materials (BOMs) including combinations of wiring, printed circuit boards and other sub-assembly components. The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform enables automotive manufacturers to manage subsystems, components, control units and other capabilities required for instrument clusters, door and window control and other diverse automotive needs.

Component-level Visibility for Accurate Production

Track all components clearly

Component-level Visibility for Accurate Production

A manufacturing-focused solution for component-level visibility helps you deliver on the specific electronic designs and assemblies your customers demand.

Produce with the Highest Quality

Drive quality into every product

Produce with the Highest Quality

Ensure the highest levels of quality are measured, recorded and accessible for tracking both within your operation and as a record to your customers.

Control at Every Level of the Process

Clear ownership of assembly

Control at Every Level of the Process

Planning and scheduling to efficiently manage customer requirements with the control needed to produce to unique specifications and needs.

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