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Human Capital Management

One of the many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features you'll find on the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

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Effectively manage and empower your company’s greatest asset: its people.

Elevate your employees’ skills with training, comply with regulatory requirements, and accurately track time and attendance.

Plex ERP Human Capital Management Capabilities

  • Employee Management

    Track employee attendance and work hours in real time to calculate accurate payroll and production cost

    Keep your teams staffed by keeping track of your employee movement records with an In/Out Board to know who is where in the organization at any time. Manage employee expenses for travel and education, with configurable workflows for expedited claims processing. As part of your company’s continuous improvement efforts, Plex allows you to track employee suggestions for cost, quality, and safety improvements.


    You can also maintain a calendar and history of work shifts along with employee time off, balance of hours left for time off, and allocation of balances. Plex enables you to automate time and attendance tracking using electronic time clocks, including those that use biometric detection methods. You can then integrate time clock data with production control, ensuring that only approved operators can work on a particular job and allowing you to calculate the true cost of production.

  • Anytime Access to Human Capital Analytics

    Leverage real-time data to proactively manage your workforce

    Keep your employees safe and productive and nurture your enterprise’s talent pool with up-to-the-moment analytics that are purpose-built for manufacturing. Monitor employee injuries, turnover, and demographics and share information across teams with built-in dashboards, self-service queries, and a library of metrics and KPIs.


    With Plex, you can create drag-and-drop dashboards that visualize enterprise-wide human capital data, across multiple manufacturing locations, without needing to have any programming knowledge. You can also create personalized views of human capital management data that aligns with your specific business needs.

  • One Unified “From Hire to Retire” System

    Hire, retain, and grow the best employees who add value to your business

    In order to have a successful business, you first need to invest in your most important asset — your workforce. Plex enables you to manage an employee's full trajectory, from the hiring process, onboarding, and throughout their time at your company, with attendance and time off tracking and payroll management that’s integrated with ADP and Paychex.

  • Seamless Compliance with Industry Regulatory Requirements

    Track events and actions to fulfill regulations from agencies like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

    Track events related to health, safety, and the environment, including hazardous material spills and results of safety walkthroughs. You can also track union and other grievance issues as well as the actions taken against them.

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