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Interactive Demo

See Plex ERP in Action

Preview See Plex ERP in Action

Leverage an ERP Made by and for Manufacturers

In manufacturing, you use machines and tools that were specifically crafted for your industry. Your technology solutions should be no different.

Plex ERP was born on the shop floor and created to meet the unique needs of manufacturers like you, whether you’re managing operator time, compiling financial records, or tracking production. Click through this interactive demo to see real screens from Plex ERP and discover how it helps you:

  • Prepare financial statements utilizing algorithm-based cost models
  • Generate sales orders automatically through EDI releases
  • Sort work calendars by operator highlighting upcoming schedules, work history, and skills
  • Review process routings by part that reflect workcenters and bill of material
  • Take advantage of robust analytics through user-friendly dashboards

Launch the on-demand demo now to see exactly how Plex ERP grants you the real-time visibility and control needed for your operations.