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Enterprise Accounting and Consolidation

One of the many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) features you'll find on the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

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Gain visibility across your global operations for holistic decision making and consolidate your accounting enterprise-wide.

Bring different units of your company together while standardizing and automating processes to reduce errors, cut costs, and speed up operations.

Plex ERP Accounting & Consolidation Capabilities

  • Centralized Accounting

    Keep accounting coordinated, controlled, and balanced with end-to-end visibility

    Plex enables you to harmonize your data and prevent accounting errors by helping you manage hierarchical relationships between your business entities. 


    Plex supports tax structures and calculations for compliance and government reporting, along with complete audit trail reporting.

  • Consolidated Global Financials

    Gain end-to-end visibility, from drilling down to source transactions to combining results from multiple entities

    Translate multi-currency values for revenue and expense accounts using monthly average exchange rates and, for balance sheet accounts, spot rates. You can also report across entities and transfer inventory between entities in real time.


  • Corporate Cash Management

    Centralize your cash receipts and payments while maintaining distributed management of sales and purchasing

    Gain enterprise-wide visibility into vendor activity as well as centrally negotiated terms with suppliers as you control payments and receipts through a single treasury function. While entities manage their own sales and purchasing activities, you can process a single payment or receipt that covers supplier and customer invoices across entities respectively, taking advantage of bulk discounts.

  • Centralized Sales

    Make it easy for your customers to work with your enterprise across entities with an integrated, centralized interface

    With an integrated view of inventory and production capacity, you can maintain one centralized catalog price list for all items across the enterprise, giving each entity a choice to use localized or centralized pricing, discount levels, and currencies. You can set and check credit limits of your customers across the enterprise, no matter which connected entity is booking the sales order.

  • Centralized Purchasing

    Seamlessly extend your supply chain operations for higher efficiency and accuracy

    Plex allows you to issue a consolidated purchase order for your enterprise, taking advantage of bulk purchases, consistent low pricing, and a single point-of-supplier relationship. You can also issue purchase orders that will automatically be assigned to your other entities.

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