Aluminum International Today: The Internet of Things is Here: How to Get Started
Tue May 29 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Plex CTO Jerry Foster defines the Internet of Things (IoT), what it means for modern manufacturers, and how leading manufacturers are leveraging connectivity on the shop floor in new, innovative ways. See pages 22-23.
diginomica: How Motus Integrated Technologies uses the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to reach the right metrics
Wed May 23 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Plex customer – and 2018 Impact Award Winner – Garn Evans from Motus Integrated Technologies discusses how his company’s adoption of a single, unified platform (Plex) has enabled greater operational efficiency and generated a strong company culture.
Robotics and Automation News: Plex Launches Mobile App for Manufacturing Management
Wed May 23 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Plex Mobile also takes advantage of next generation wearables and sensors to create a seamless, hands-free environment for users. The new apps leverage Plex's role-based security, with data access and functionality tailored to each user's responsibilities.
diginomica: Empowering the shop floor with Daqri smart glasses and Plex Systems – an augmented reality chat [YouTube Video]
Sun May 20 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Analyst Jon Reed films an impromptu video demo of Plex’s work with augmented reality with Barrie Vince, Plex’s software architect.
diginomica: PowerPlex ’18 – Polamer Precision uses a culture of data visibility to compete with the aerospace giants
Fri May 18 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Analyst Jon Reed from diginomica sat down with Chris DiNeno from Polamer Precision at PowerPlex 2018 to discuss how Chris and his team are leveraging technology (and the data and visibility they gain from that technology) to drive business growth and greater efficiencies on the shop floor.
Deal Architect: PowerPlex: Celebrating American Manufacturing
Thu May 17 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Analyst Vinnie Mirchandani shares highlights from his PowerPlex event experience, with particular focus on Plex’s ongoing exploration and use of new wearable and hands-free technology.
MITechNews: Plex Systems to Introduce App That Provides Extension to Plex Manufacturing Cloud
Thu May 17 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Plex’s new native mobile app, Plex Mobile, enables a manufacturer's workforce to handle key business-critical shop floor and administrative responsibilities, and access and share relevant information real-time from mobile devices.
DBusiness: Plex Systems in Troy Releases App for Shop Floor and Administrative Responsibilities
Wed May 16 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Plex Systems announces its new native mobile app, Plex Mobile, which is designed to support the end-to-end requirements of specific roles, jobs, and tasks within a manufacturing operation.
IndustryWeek: Accuride Corp. Receives Best Plant Award at Manufacturing & Technology Show
Tue May 15 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Manufacturer Accuride Corporation, a leading supplier of components to the North American and European commercial vehicle industries, received its award for 2017 Best Plant at IndustryWeek’s annual Manufacturing & Technology Show.
IndustryWeek: Big Data, Small Company: How a Michigan Supplier Is Bridging the Digital Divide
Thu Apr 19 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Manufacturer Firstronic makes technology and process updates, improving quality and productivity in a completely paperless environment to grow the business.
diginomica: Manufacturers – how to get the most out of your MES
Tue Apr 03 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Plex’s Michael Hart discusses the increased benefits of an MES that integrates with engineering, quality management, ERP and other corporate-wide systems to create a truly connected shop floor.
Metalforming Magazine: Internet of Things for Metalformers And Fabricators
Sun Apr 01 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Plex CTO Jerry Foster shares with metalformers and fabricators how to most successfully introduce new connected devices into a manufacturing environment.
PSFK: How Companies Are Increasing Operational Flexibility And Worker Support Using IIoT
Wed Mar 28 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Plex’s IntelliPlex Production Analytic Application is pointed to as an example of technology changing the way manufacturers work and lead.
DealCrunch: DemandCaster Increases Real-Time Inventory Visibility for Optimized Supply and Demand Planning in Plex and Other ERP Solutions
Tue Mar 27 03:00:00 EDT 2018
DemandCaster, a division of Plex, shares how companies are addressing increasingly complex supply chain challenges.
IndustryWeek: Accuride Corp. earns 2018 Best Plants Award
Fri Mar 16 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Home to one of the country’s oldest foundries, Accuride’s Rockford Operations bounced back from bankruptcy through continuous improvement, anchored by investments in the business.
Robotics and Automation News: Plex Systems Achieves Record Year
Fri Mar 16 03:00:00 EDT 2018
Plex concluded 2017 with nearly 600 manufacturers running Plex in approximately 2,000 facilities around the world (login required).
diginomica: Can you trust your manufacturing business to the cloud?
Thu Mar 08 03:00:00 EST 2018
Plex’s Todd Weeks outlines the benefits of working with a reputable Cloud company, going into specifics around the four key metrics that Plex focuses on as a leading SaaS provider.
Manufacturing Engineering: Cloud Connectivity, Advanced Analytics Drive ERP Software
Fri Mar 02 03:00:00 EST 2018
Plex CTO Jerry Foster shares insights on new technologies—including machine learning, mobile apps and advanced analytics—that help manufacturers keep tabs on fast-paced factory-floor operations.
Crain’s Detroit Business: Notable Women in Manufacturing
Mon Feb 12 00:00:00 EST 2018
Plex’s Cloud Operations Director Lauren Giroux has been featured as a Michigan manufacturing leader. Leaders at customers Accuride Corporation, Hausbeck Pickle Co. and Sanders Candy are also named in this inaugural special issue.
Food Engineering: Food Safety Management Systems
Mon Feb 12 00:00:00 EST 2018
Shank’s Extracts, Inc., Sanders and Morley Candy Makers, Inc., Hausbeck Pickle Co. and USHydrations share best practices in food safety management systems and the technology they use to continue to lead their industries.