Diginomica: The State of Manufacturing ERP – part 5 – The Plex update
As part of an ongoing series profiling manufacturing ERP vendors, industry analyst Brian Sommer shares an update on Plex, noting that “Plex is the grand master of the cloud ERP space.”
Enterprise Irregulars: PowerPlex celebrating the American Mittelstand
Analyst Vinnie Mirchandani of Deal Architect reflects on his recent experience at PowerPlex 2017 and expresses approval for Plex’s celebration of manufacturers.
aftermarketNews: Accuride Receives Plex Systems 2017 Impact Award for Leadership
The 2017 Plex Impact Award recognizes leading manufacturers, including Accuride Corp., a growing global supplier of components to the North American and European commercial vehicle industries.
IndustryWeek: The Tech Column—A Cleveland Postcard from the #mfgTechShow
PowerPlex 2017 keynote Mike Rowe speaks with IndustryWeek about the influence of automation on the future manufacturing and why he thinks “dirty” jobs will never go away.
Diginomica: PowerPlex ’17 – CEO Jason Blessing on Plex’s Numbers as Cloud Manufacturing Hits a Tipping Point
At PowerPlex 2017, industry analyst Jon Reed sat down with Plex CEO Jason Blessing to hear more about Plex’s growth as a company and discuss the cloud manufacturing tipping point.
Enterprise Times: Plex Plunders Mathematics for Supply Chain and HCM Improvements
Plex is further connecting people, processes, systems and products in manufacturing enterprises with two new advancements in its analytics and supply chain suites, enabling greater enterprise-wide visibility, control and management with a forward-looking approach to data, forecasting, and machine-learning.
Diginomica: PowerPlex 2017 – Trojan Battery Puts Industry Analysts Through the Lead Acid Battery Test
Industry analyst Jon Reed shares highlights from the Trojan Battery facility tour that was part of the analyst experience at PowerPlex 2017.
Engineering.com: Cloud-Based Analytics for Supply Chain and Workforce Performance
Plex has introduced two new analytic applications designed to provide manufacturers insight into supply chain performance and their workforce. Part of the IntelliPlex Analytic Application Suite, these new apps not only to streamline and automates operations, but also enable greater access to company wide data.
Automation Alley: Manufacturers—Make Data Work for You
Industry 4.0 is here, and is comprehensively reinventing how we imagine, design, make, deliver, and service products. Plex shares how connected manufacturers can take the incredible spectrum of data that comes from new platforms associated with Industry 4.0 and leverage it for practical business tools today.
TechTarget: How to Build a Foundation for Enterprise Robotic Technology
High tech manufacturer Firstronic demonstrates how it successfully utilizes robotics across the enterprise, using Plex to support its integration requirements, as well as to handle data flowing between the robots and other company systems.
MFRTech: Manufacturing Industry Leaders Choose Plex Systems
Manufacturing leaders, including Accuride Corp., North American Lighting, BRC Rubber & Plastics, Küster North America, Inc. and Wonton Food Inc., are choosing Plex to run their operations around the world, leading to another record year for Plex Systems.
Enterprise Cloud News: Hausbeck Picks Cloud ERP for Perfect Pickle Production
Hausbeck Pickle Company, which supplies pickles and peppers to fast food chains such as Burger King, Papa John's, Domino's and Sonic Drive-In, describes how Plex has helped the organization scale while streamlining production.
IT Toolbox: Six ERP Security Risks to Watch
Plex’s Todd Weeks identifies why businesses large and small need to pay attention to their ERP system’s security – the technology backbone of a manufacturer’s organization.
MITechNews: Plex CTO Jerry Foster Shares the Future of IIoT in Manufacturing at Mobile Monday Detroit
Mobile Monday Detroit, which brings together individuals and organizations focused on a mobile/wireless connected community, welcomes Jerry Foster to its April 10, 2017 event to share insights on how Plex makes IIoT “real” for manufacturers.
The Manufacturing Connection: Without Analytics The IIoT Is Meaningless
The IIoT allows manufacturers to collect better data collection on the shop floor. Now, with the IntelliPlex Production Analytic Application, that information can be tapped “to provide manufacturing leaders with enterprise-wide insight into the performance of production operations, including processes and equipment on the shop floor.”
Advanced Manufacturing: ERP Software Helps Big Builders Grapple with Global Complexity
A need to handle rapidly changing situations on the shop floor leads many mid- to large-size manufacturers to cloud-based ERP software solutions that offer fast, easy updates, and minimal to no IT overhead costs compared to on-premises ERP installations. Plex lends its insights on the top trends to watch, and how to most effectively leverage cloud-based technologies.
Enterprise Times: Plex delivers production boost with analytics
The IntelliPlex Production Analytic Application, which leverages the IIoT for business insights, is called “practical and useful.” Plex’s latest IntelliPlex application delivers dashboards with specific requirements, provides a deeper understanding of analytics and data science and contributes to creating real-world solutions within organizations.
Diginomica: Plex bypasses IoT buzzwords for business led intelligent analytics
Industry Analyst Dennis Howlett shares his insights on Plex tools designed to deliver insights from the shop floor to the top floor: “Plex is extending its Intelliplex analytics platform to provide jump off points into the business and not be restricted to the plant floor. This is an important development.”
Computerworld: 10 Tips for Helming it Through Ups and Downs
Automotive supplier Accuride Corp. shares its top recommendations for managing IT in an uncertain world, focusing on how it uses the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to align technology initiatives with business changes.
IndustryWeek: Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? AR Hits Manufacturing
Manufacturers of all sizes are starting to explore augmented reality, and some have been building for years toward a full-scaled deployment. But is the tech actually making an industrial difference yet? Manufacturers and industry experts, including Plex software architect Barrie Vince, weigh in.