Crain's Detroit Business: Playing The Strong Suit- Plex Deal Combines Manufacturing, Finance and Technology
Discover how Plex Systems, the leader in cloud-based ERP solutions for manufacturing, combines manufacturing, finance and technology in their software.
CRN: Top 20 "Coolest Cloud Software Vendors of 2013"
CRN highlights Plex Systems as one of the coolest cloud software vendors of 2013. Plex focuses on cloud services for the manufacturing sector with Plex Online, a cloud ERP offering.
Metromode: Business Insider digs Plex Systems' pinball arcade
Michigan-based Plex recently lured Jason Blessing to be its new CEO. Blessing is a former PeopleSoft and Taleo exec who escaped the clutches of Oracle, twice, when each of his employers was acquired.
Industry and People: March 2013
PMMI Education & Training Foundation announced the Richard C. Ryan Packaging Education Scholarship, funded by Dorner Mfg. Group in memory of Rich Ryan, the late president and CEO of Dorner who died suddenly in 2012.
Business Insider: Plex Systems Startup Perk
Business Insider discusses Plex Systems startup perks, including their own pinball arcade complete with its own pinball wizard, Michael McDonald.
Manufacturing Business Technology: Reducing Downtime And Improving Inventory Turns
Like many other manufacturers that introduced some of the first Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems years ago, Marwood faced a dilemma. Its outdated DOS-based system needed another upgrade, and management had to decide whether it was worth the investment to throw more money at a system that was far less than state-of-the-art.
Business Insider: How Jason Blessing Slipped Out Of Larry Ellison's Grasp Twice
Business Insider discusses how Plex Systems' CEO, Jason Blessing, slipped out of Larry Ellison's grasp.
Quality Magazine: The Evolving World of ERP
If you’re like most companies, you already use ERP software. While enterprise resource planning software is commonplace at most manufacturing companies, the way it is used may not be. Consider that what worked yesterday may not be the best option for the future. “Everything needs to be faster and more efficient,” says Jay Deakins, president of Deacom Inc. (Wayne, PA). “It’s a survival thing. Companies need to be able to provide more product for less money. And a lot are looking to ERP to make that happen.”
ZDNet: CEO Interview: Jason Blessing of Plex Software
Read more about Industry Expert Brian Sommer's interview with Plex Systems' new CEO, Jason Blessing.
Michigan Business Network: Best Places to Work Interview with Taya Johnston
Micheal speaks with Taya Johnston, Director of Human Resources who gives a profile of Plex Systems, a small business named a Cool Place to Work in Michigan.
Technology Evaluation Centers: The Change of Guard at Plex Systems
TEC takes a look inside Plex Systems, the leader in cloud-based ERP for manufacturers, and the appointment of technology industry veteran, Jason Blessing, as the company’s new CEO. Plex Systems CEO Jason Blessing On The Future Of ERP And Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
Plex Systems' CEO, Jason Blessing, discusses the future of ERP and SaaS.
Manufacturing Business Technology: Eliminate Inventory Discrepancies
Spring Dynamics, Inc., is a manufacturer of springs primarily for the automotive industry. For several years, Spring Dynamics had been utilizing an on-premise ERP system that included accounting functions and standard reports on inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Management wanted a more robust, comprehensive system that would also include shop-floor operations, generate management reports and help maximize overall business performance.
Detroit Free Press: Former Oracle executive Blessing is new Plex CEO
Plex Systems, the fast-growing provider of cloud-based ERP for manufacturing, hires Jason Blessing, a former Oracle executive, as its new CEO.
Mint Jutras: Plex Systems gets a new CEO
I had a chance to talk to Jason Blessing, Plex System’s new CEO yesterday. I’ve worked with Plex and its former CEO Mark Symonds now for almost seven years, and have always enjoyed my interaction. Plex has come a long way through that stretch. Back in 2006, Mark was almost a one-man show. Not only did he drive product and company strategy, sales and development, but he was their chief evangelist as well. Today there is far more depth to the organization and it is also backed by two investors: Francisco Partners and Accel Partners. It is quite a tribute to Mark that he hands over a company that is poised for what could very well be explosive growth.
X-OLOGY: Plex Systems: A Case Study In Cloud Service
Read more about the Automation Alley Foundation's case study, highlighting Plex Systems, the leader in cloud-based ERP for manufacturers.
Manufacturing Business Technology: Improving Quality And Reducing Inventory
Wolverine Advanced Materials was overwhelmed when sales grew 10 to 13 percent over a two-year period. Its manual systems for raw material orders, inventories, shipping, and scheduling systems couldn’t keep up with the new demand, and lead times grew to 10 weeks.
SaaS in the Enterprise: Plex Picks SaaS Veteran as CEO
Yesterday, SaaS ERP pioneer Plex Systems announced the appointment of Oracle executive Jason Blessing as its new CEO. The move comes on the heels of the company's $30 million investment from Accel Partners. The choice of Blessing, Oracle's senior VP of application development, as the leader of Troy, Mich.-based Plex perhaps signals a tighter focus on SaaS-based automation and innovation.
ZDNet: ERP, RIP? Cloud financials and revenue management in 2013
Read more about how ERP is being displaced by a new category of financials and cloud applications that make a better match for the needs of cloud-savvy enterprises.
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