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Kristen Vanpoelvoorde

Education Services Manager, Plex Systems


About the Author

Kristen Vanpoelvoorde joined the Plex team in 2007 and has taken roles ranging from consulting and implementation to subject matter expert to supporting the Plex Partner network. In 2012, she began building an onboarding program for new Plex and Partner consultants, eventually transforming the program into Education Services. In Education Services, she now focuses on strategies to provide education for customers at all phases in their Plex relationship.

Ongoing ERP Training Prevents Brain Drain

Kristen Vanpoelvoorde March 20, 2013

Have you experienced brain drain within your organization when skilled employees left, resulting in knowledge gaps? If this is your problem, we have the solution. The best way to combat brain drain is to engage your organization in ongoing ERP training....

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