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Mike Roberts

Research Associate, LNS Research


About the Author

Mike Roberts is a research associate for Enterprise Quality Management Software, Manufacturing Operations Management, Asset Performance Management, Sustainability, and Industrial Automation 2.0 at LNS Research. In this role, Mike is responsible for analyzing data, writing research reports, conducting case studies, and contributing to the LNS Research blog. He is a passionate writer and his research continually informs manufacturing executives on how to best leverage technology in their operations.

Why More Manufacturers Are Finding Quality Maturity in the Cloud

Mike Roberts December 4, 2014

All manufacturers—from startups to those in the Fortune 100—are concerned with quality. However, where each is along the path to quality maturity varies. At LNS Research, we like to refer to the process of progressing forward on this path as an “endless journey,” because with an ever-evolving set of quality obstacles as well as continual innovation in strategies and technologies, there’s room for…

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Guest Post: Using the Cost of Quality to Achieve Operational Objectives

Mike Roberts February 21, 2013

If you joined us for our recent webinar, “Reduce the Cost of Quality in Electronics,” you know that one major factor electronics manufacturers can use to give them an edge in this fast-paced industry is to minimize the cost of quality. To put the cost of quality into context for the electronics industry, it may be helpful to share some benchmark data. ...

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Guest Post: Measuring the Cost of Quality in Electronics Manufacturing

Mike Roberts February 12, 2013

The complex global supplier network, dynamic customer demands, and the need for short and effective NPI cycles provide little room for error in the electronics industry, especially when it comes to managing the quality of processes and products. A slight hiccup somewhere along the value chain could have significant effects on the bottom line down the road. ...

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