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Nick Castellina

Senior Research Analyst, Business Planning and Execution, Aberdeen Group


About the Author

Nick Castellina is the Research Director for the Aberdeen Group’s Business Planning and Execution practice. Castellina joined Aberdeen in 2010; with his primary research focused on the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. His enterprise applications research explores how ERP is used differently across industries, and how it can apply to all roles within the organization. To round out his research practice, Castellina leads yearly studies on Enterprise Performance Management, Business Process Management, Professional Services Automation, and project management.

Food and Beverage Leaders Realize that Suppliers Will be the Key to Success

Nick Castellina October 6, 2015

The introduction of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) caused major changes in Food & Beverage manufacturing. Manufacturers are focused on food safety and traceability as well as how their organizations will have to handle ongoing issues. Even though this bill was signed into law back in 2010, companies today are still scrambling and working on complying with the continually evolving…

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Guest Post: The Turning Tide of Acceptance for Cloud ERP in Manufacturing

Nick Castellina October 1, 2013

Even though cloud ERP has been able to gain traction across most industries and company sizes, manufacturers have been notoriously slow to come on board. Manufacturers were first to utilize ERP itself, but have been somewhat reluctant to move away from what has worked for them in the past. I experienced this firsthand last year when I presented some of my research on cloud ERP to a group of…

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