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Plex DemandCaster

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Since joining forces with Plex, by Rockwell Automation, in 2016, we’ve harnessed the power of its Smart Manufacturing Platform and industry knowledge to offer a digitized supply chain planning product. It seamlessly unites your business from the plant floor to the executive suite. To learn more about how we are bringing the Connected Enterprise to life across industrial enterprises, visit

Where Did My Supplier Performance Go?

Plex DemandCaster August 23, 2023

Supplier performance drives a significant portion of a manufacturing company’s success. As the starting point of a company’s raw materials and components, it’s crucial to the quality of the final output of finished goods.Because of its importance, supplier performance management is a critical part of Supply Chain Planning (SCP). And supplier performance management software is essential for…

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Where Did My Audit Data Go?

Plex DemandCaster August 9, 2023

Modern manufacturing is complex. It requires proven, repeatable processes to ensure that finished goods are produced efficiently and defect-free. Regular audits to monitor and assess production processes are also critical to maintaining high quality.Audits ensure that processes and procedures are consistent and that finished goods are manufactured according to quality standards and specifications…

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Where Did My Scrap Go?

Plex DemandCaster July 26, 2023

Manufacturers can build a strong operational supply chain that transforms their company by building a robust digital foundation for manufacturing processes. It allows them to streamline production processes and improve efficiency at lower costs than competitors.While implementing software to address manufacturing inefficiency, many companies miss an unseen backdoor access that creates scrap and…

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Where Did My OEE Go?

Plex DemandCaster July 12, 2023

The manufacturing industry is driven by efficiency and productivity, and the search to fulfill these goals requires KPIs that light the way for improvement. One of the key metrics used to measure the performance of manufacturing equipment is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).What is OEE?OEE is a metric that measures the effectiveness of manufacturing equipment by comparing the actual…

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Where Did My Plant Performance Go?

Plex DemandCaster June 28, 2023

An ERP system must be fed with insights from several data sources or software systems, and that data must be accurate. Plant performance suffers if the data tracking and analysis are manual or the software is inaccurate. Even if companies use software, it’s critical to use the right combination of software to improve performance....

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Where Did My Forecast Accuracy Go?

Plex DemandCaster June 14, 2023

Many people use GPS to navigate to their destination. It is fast, accurate, and uses advanced satellite technology to deliver people to a precise location on a map. But imagine a world where GPS only gives drivers a vague direction to point their car in with no set path or even distance. Chances are, it would fall out of favor quickly....

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Where Did My Machine Data Go?

Plex DemandCaster May 31, 2023

Labor and capital equipment are usually the two most expensive manufacturing operating costs. And in terms of expenditures, capital equipment can often run into the millions. Machinery is considered a long-term investment that will remain in service for years or even decades.With so much on the line, it would make sense that every manufacturer would drill down as deeply as possible to ensure…

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Where Did My Production Data Go?

Plex DemandCaster May 17, 2023

Traditionally, manufacturing companies relied heavily on manual record-keeping for production processes. Operators on the production floor recorded data like units produced, machine downtime, scrap rates, and others manually.But manual record-keeping has several problems that can immediately and negatively impact the bottom line....

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Where Did My Quality Go?

Plex DemandCaster May 10, 2023

Many people only look at production operations to assess quality within an operation. But quality is imperative across all departments within manufacturing. Production processes, inventory management, maintenance, and the demand and supply planning process are all critical components of quality management.However, there are two different approaches for businesses regarding these processes -…

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Where Did My Profit Go?

Plex DemandCaster April 19, 2023

While the last few years have seen significant events like COVID-19 and other disruptions impact profit for companies in every industry, staying profitable and maximizing profit is a never-ending pursuit.Companies often audit, implement improvement initiatives, and pressure suppliers to lower the cost of raw materials to increase their bottom line. But hidden in the weeds is a cumulative set of…

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