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Todd Weeks

Group VP of Cloud Computing, Plex Systems


About the Author

Todd Weeks is responsible for managing cloud operations at Plex Systems. He oversees Plex’s data center facilities and infrastructure to ensure customers are receiving best-in-class availability and reliability from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Todd brings a diverse set of operations experience from running large online retail services at Sears Holdings, broad international operations and distributed datacenters at Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and high scale online and cloud solutions at Microsoft.

Cloud Manufacturing Software: Understanding SaaS Solution Availability

Todd Weeks July 18, 2019

Cloud-based software is all around us. From the social networks you use to connect with family, to the app that you use to pay your friend back for lunch, the cloud enables the technology that we rely upon to process incredible amounts of data....

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How We Keep Your Manufacturing Data Secure in the Cloud

Todd Weeks February 5, 2019

We hear from manufacturing businesses that they are still nervous about their data in the cloud. While we believe there is plenty of evidence that our cloud is secure, we also believe this concern is justified. You deal with sensitive data about your business all the time. ...

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4 Things You Need in a SaaS-based Manufacturing ERP and MES Solution

Todd Weeks September 18, 2018

As more businesses move to SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications, some manufacturers still have some uncertainty about data safety and security, as well as uptime and reliability in the cloud. If moving your operations to the cloud seems foreign to you, or if you aren’t sure how to evaluate cloud versus on-premise ERP and MES systems, just remember these four things: availability,…

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