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Supply Chain Management Skills for Today’s New Normal

Plex DemandCaster March 8, 2022

With advancing technology intersecting with unprecedented disruption, supply chain professionals should improve their skills to meet new challenges. ...

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How to Improve Supply Chain Management in a Complex World

Plex DemandCaster January 25, 2022

With unprecedented disruption, supply chain managers must review current practices to improve supply chain management in a complex world. ...

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The Impact of Technology in Supply Chain Management

Plex DemandCaster November 16, 2021

New and emerging technology doesn't have to operate alone. It can be combined with powerful supply chain management software to deliver actionable insights. ...

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Dealing with Today’s Supply Chain Issues

Plex DemandCaster November 2, 2021

Today's supply chain issues offer enormous challenges. From labor shortages to port congestion, software can help navigate demand. ...

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Inventory Optimization During Disruption

Plex DemandCaster July 21, 2021

Following a series of significant disruptions in recent years, supply chain professionals are searching for ways to optimize their inventory. ...

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From Volatile to Value-driven – Forecasting in an Uncertain World

Plex DemandCaster July 7, 2021

Forecasting in a complex supply chain has always been challenging. Discover how businesses can optimize their supply chains to capture the highest value. ...

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Automotive Demand Planning – Staying Agile in Today’s Environment

Plex DemandCaster June 9, 2021

The automotive industry must learn to cope with one of the most complex supply chains in the world to meet demand. Learn more about demand planning here. ...

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When it’s Time to Come Home – Reshoring and Supply Chain Planning

Plex DemandCaster May 26, 2021

Discover why the implications of reshoring and supply chain planning are important for businesses. Find out everything you need to know with DemandCaster. ...

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How Supply Chain Planning Impacts Business Agility

Plex DemandCaster April 14, 2021

As disruptions impact companies worldwide, business innovation has taken on a new urgency, Find out how supply chain planning is impacting business agility. ...

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Unlocking Hidden Value: The Worth of Supply Chain Planning

Plex DemandCaster March 31, 2021

Today's global commerce is driven by massive supply chains. This article explains the value of planning and it's role in unlocking hidden value in your supply chain. ...

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