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Automotive Manufacturing Trends for the Balance of the Decade

Plex Team February 6, 2024

Each year brings new predictions of the future. These predictions include what to expect, what will happen, and which technologies will power the expectations.While these predictions are always interesting to consider, they should be kept in the context of reality to have value for automotive manufacturers. With a rapidly evolving landscape, this industry is producers are under intense pressure…

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Inflation: Saying the "I" Word Out Loud

Plex Team December 5, 2023

Inflation - it’s the dreaded “I” word. After decades of historically low rates, it came back with a vengeance and continues to disrupt operations everywhere.There are virtually no sectors of the economy nor any industry untouched as prices have risen across every category. Most of these categories, like energy, transportation, raw materials, labor, and others, impact manufacturing directly,…

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The Top 5 Moments of Automation Fair® 2023: Relive the Excitement

Plex Team December 5, 2023

In early November, many of us gathered in Boston for the industrial automation event of the year: Rockwell’s Automation Fair®. This is a time for industry members—from customers and partners to Rockwell team members—to connect and learn about the future of manufacturing together. This year’s event was no exception, and it was an especially exciting opportunity for Plex community members to gather…

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Automation Fair – From Chaos to Control Maximizing Efficiency With Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning

Plex DemandCaster October 31, 2023

Continuing with our discussion of how Plex Systems products will play a role in Rockwell Automation's Automation Fair 2023 in Boston, MA, November 6-9th, 2023: Ara Surenian, Vice President of Product Management – Rockwell Automation, sat down to discuss how Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning software can help maximize efficiency by bringing control to chaos....

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Seize Opportunities for Growth with the 8th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report

Veena Lakkundi March 16, 2023

“We’ve experienced 20 years of evolution in 2 years.”This quote from CEO Blake Moret resonates throughout the findings of our 2023 State of Smart Manufacturing Report, which surveyed 1,353 global manufacturers. ...

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Workforce, Quality, and Technology: Old Struggles, New Angles

Gerry Abbey February 9, 2023

The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) hosted the Metal Stamping Technology Conference recently in Nashville, Tennessee. A dynamic, thoughtful, and somewhat frustrated group gathered to talk through the state of manufacturing, the biggest challenges, and how we can begin to address those challenges with technology after we’ve started taking care of people and processes first....

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The Future of Automotive: Your 2022 OESA Supplier Conference Recap

Plex Team December 7, 2022

Many conference attendees recently filled the Suburban Showplace in Novi, MI to gain new insights and collaborate with fellow subject matter experts on the evolving landscape that has become the new automotive marketplace. The Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA) held its Supplier Conference “The Future of Automotive Is Calling. How Will You Answer?” and it lived up to its expectations…

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The People Behind the Platform: Nagesh Kadam, Sr. Technical Support Rep

Plex Team November 21, 2022

You might love the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform™, but do you know those who make it possible? Talented people have been working hard behind the scenes for decades. They’re what make this company great, but few get the chance to step into the spotlight they deserve – until now. This month, say hello to Sr. Technical Support Rep Nagesh Kadam. Tell us about your role at Plex....

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