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Digitization: Taking a Deep Dive into Improving Quality

Plex Team November 7, 2023

Spending time outdoors is more fun when you have access to a pool. Games, good food, and spending time with friends are all better when water is nearby. As people get more comfortable in the water, they start to swim and dive, taking their fun to another level.But some seem to get stuck in the shallow end of the pool. They may make a splash and cool down a bit, but while others are learning to…

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Automation Fair – From Chaos to Control Maximizing Efficiency With Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning

Plex DemandCaster October 31, 2023

Continuing with our discussion of how Plex Systems products will play a role in Rockwell Automation's Automation Fair 2023 in Boston, MA, November 6-9th, 2023: Ara Surenian, Vice President of Product Management – Rockwell Automation, sat down to discuss how Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning software can help maximize efficiency by bringing control to chaos....

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How Demand Drives Execution

Plex Team October 10, 2023

In traditional manufacturing models, there needed to be more connection between the ability to meet customer demand and manufacturing execution. Subjective data-gathering on demand coupled with manual processes and manual data collection in manufacturing obscured the real demand picture....

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Automation Fair 2023 – Driving Digital Quality with Plex QMS

Plex DemandCaster October 4, 2023

Taking place on November 6-9 in Boston, MA, Automation Fair 2023, presented by Rockwell Automation, will showcase today's cutting-edge industrial automation technology.Automation Fair 2023 is the premier event for industrial automation and a must-see for those undergoing digital transformation. This year, Plex, by Rockwell Automation, will present several speakers to discuss their advancements in…

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What Are We Looking At?

Plex Team September 26, 2023

Driving in conditions of low visibility is never a good idea. Like a blinding snowstorm in gusty winds, millions of flakes obscure your view until you can’t see what is in front of you. First, you lose sight of the lines in the road. Then, you lose the definition of where the road even is until an unfortunate decision due to lack of visibility leads to disaster.You wouldn’t want to drive your car…

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Quality From Top to Bottom – Highlighting the New Plex “Quality Management for Dummies” eBook

Plex Team September 20, 2023

Traditional manufacturing required as much art as science. Settings were done with gear ratios, levers, and calipers. But modern companies can no longer run their production that way. Fortunately, today, digital settings and automated recipes allow incredible precision for production processes.That same digital precision available to run production is now used for managing quality. For forward-…

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Best Maid – An Automation Fair Sneak Peek

Plex Team September 7, 2023

Sometimes, opportunity awaits those who reach for it. Other times, it can be part of a dynamic shift to a new way of doing business and a new way of thinking. When Best Maid needed to refine and sharpen its performance and inventory accountability to take in the growth it was experiencing, Plex was the answer....

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Where Did My Supplier Performance Go?

Plex DemandCaster August 23, 2023

Supplier performance drives a significant portion of a manufacturing company’s success. As the starting point of a company’s raw materials and components, it’s crucial to the quality of the final output of finished goods.Because of its importance, supplier performance management is a critical part of Supply Chain Planning (SCP). And supplier performance management software is essential for…

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Where Did My Audit Data Go?

Plex DemandCaster August 9, 2023

Modern manufacturing is complex. It requires proven, repeatable processes to ensure that finished goods are produced efficiently and defect-free. Regular audits to monitor and assess production processes are also critical to maintaining high quality.Audits ensure that processes and procedures are consistent and that finished goods are manufactured according to quality standards and specifications…

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Where Did My Scrap Go?

Plex DemandCaster July 26, 2023

Manufacturers can build a strong operational supply chain that transforms their company by building a robust digital foundation for manufacturing processes. It allows them to streamline production processes and improve efficiency at lower costs than competitors.While implementing software to address manufacturing inefficiency, many companies miss an unseen backdoor access that creates scrap and…

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