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Key Takeaways from the 9th Annual State of Smart Manufacturing Report

Plex Team April 11, 2024

What’s new. What’s now. And what’s happening next. The 2024 State of Smart Manufacturing Report offers a comprehensive look at where 1,500+ manufacturers see challenges and opportunities both today and in the future. From the expanding use of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) to the ongoing need for a skilled, adaptive workforce, here’s a rundown of the report’s biggest takeaways that…

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Digital Building Blocks for Sustainability: Part 2

Plex DemandCaster December 18, 2023

There is increasing interest in reducing carbon emissions as part of overall sustainability. This particularly applies to manufacturing where both awareness and regulations are encouraging producers to explore ways to mitigate or eliminate their emissions.Continuing our discussion of sustainability as a digital building block in manufacturing, let's look at how software can help monitor, track,…

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Where Did My Forecast Accuracy Go?

Plex DemandCaster June 14, 2023

Many people use GPS to navigate to their destination. It is fast, accurate, and uses advanced satellite technology to deliver people to a precise location on a map. But imagine a world where GPS only gives drivers a vague direction to point their car in with no set path or even distance. Chances are, it would fall out of favor quickly....

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Where Did My Production Data Go?

Plex DemandCaster May 17, 2023

Traditionally, manufacturing companies relied heavily on manual record-keeping for production processes. Operators on the production floor recorded data like units produced, machine downtime, scrap rates, and others manually.But manual record-keeping has several problems that can immediately and negatively impact the bottom line....

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Take Us to Your Leader

Plex Team May 9, 2023

Old black-and-white movies of invading outer space robots are an old staple of weekend cable television. Landing on an open field surrounded by stern-faced military staff, guns, tanks, and anxious political leaders, the ships always revealed robots with waving arms and impending doom for humanity.We've come a long way from fearsome robots resembling a cross between a giant propane tank and the…

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That's Just Your Opinion

Plex DemandCaster October 18, 2022

Demand and supply planning was as much an art form as a science for many decades. The process was guided by human intuition, gut feeling, and experience and was aided by tools such as calculators and spreadsheets. These were all combined to produce forecasting that was an assumption at best and highly variable at worst. Software increased forecasting accuracy, reducing the height of the peaks and…

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New Machine Learning Feature for the Plex DemandCaster Advanced Business Planning Software

Plex DemandCaster June 14, 2022

This machine learning feature is an addition to Plex DemandCaster's Advanced Business Planning software that helps planners realize more accuracy. ...

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