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How the Efficiency of Inventory Management Affects Your Company

Plex Team November 23, 2021

The efficiency of inventory management is crucial to any business. For retailers, accurate inventory means finished goods ready to sell. But for manufacturing companies, warehouse capacity for raw materials and finished goods must be balanced like bookends to ensure that production can take place on time and on schedule....

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3 Spooky Manufacturing Trends Haunting Your Halloween

Plex Team October 27, 2021

It’s too bad “trick or treat” is just a childhood phrase and not an actual choice for manufacturers. But instead of plastic pumpkin pails and pillowcases full of future cavities candy, you’re left with major production problems keeping you from meeting customer demand and company goals. It’s like being stuck in a haunted house, just with fewer fake skeletons and more work-related stress....

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The 3 PowerPlex Sessions You Just Can’t Miss

Plex Team May 10, 2021

It’s spring. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the premier event for unstoppable manufacturers is about to hit a screen in your home office. PowerPlex is back, which means it’s the time to dive into the latest industry insights, peek into the minds of experts, and uncover the future of manufacturing. But with over 90 sessions, how will you choose which to attend?...

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Plex’s No BS Guide to Supply Chain Planning

Ara Surenian March 30, 2021

Has your business struggled to keep up with the rapid changes of COVID-19 this past year? In a “normal” year, does aligning your customer needs, demand, and inventory feel like a constant balancing act? Is it difficult to unite your sales, marketing, finance, and operations teams around a plan in a single source of truth? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re not alone.…

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Food and Beverage Manufacturer Shows Off Benefit of an Agile Manufacturing Process

Plex Team November 3, 2020

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit manufacturing, it quickly became clear the companies that would succeed would be companies that could pivot on a dime. One of those companies is Plex customer Olde Thompson. Headquartered in Oxnard, California, the company is the world’s largest manufacturer of salt and pepper mills and a leading manufacturer of private label and branded dry spices and seasonings.…

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Key Takeaways from PowerPlex: Day 3

Plex Team May 14, 2020

Once again, PowerPlex 2020 came to you live (virtually!). More than 2,000 attendees logged in from couches, garages, and bedrooms (and anywhere else they could find some peace and quiet) to learn about and stay up-to-speed on the manufacturing industry, the latest technology innovations, and Plex’s Smart Manufacturing Platform. Here are some of the standout messages and takeaways from today’s…

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4 Ways to Improve the Quality of Supply Chain Planning

Heather Hussin April 1, 2020

The rise of automation, shop floor analytics, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have impacted the manufacturing industry and enhanced production with the introduction of timely data for more informed decision making. But what about major shifts like enhanced in-car connectivity, growing demand for electric vehicles, or adjusting to changing customer preferences? Are manufacturers…

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Digitizing Continuous Improvement in the Global Automotive Supply Chain

Dave Morfas August 13, 2019

As an automotive supplier, there is a lot you need to manage and deliver in a complex global supply chain. First and foremost, your customers demand that you demonstrate the ability to meet their requirements or you lose their business....

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Connectivity and Visibility in the Supply Chain Critical for Global Manufacturing

Stu Johnson March 19, 2019

Supply chain visibility helps manufacturers drive down the cost of operations and speed time-to-market. Visibility is difficult to achieve however without connectivity. Connectivity between systems enables more visibility throughout the supply chain—from demand to order to delivery and everywhere in between....

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5 Areas Every Supply Chain Leader Should Focus on to Sustain Competitiveness

Hemant Makhija April 17, 2018

As a supply chain leader, you must have a broad understanding of how your entire business flows from sales to procurement to engineering to service. You also need access to a reliable and holistic set of data or you’ll feel more like you’re fighting fires instead of delivering on customer demand. ...

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