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Plex Systems Delivers New Analytic Applications for Manufacturers

April 26, 2016

Plex, the leader in cloud ERP, announced new Plex Insight applications, expanding the company’s suite of reporting, analytic and benchmarking tools.

DETROIT, MICH., April 26, 2016 – Plex Systems, the leader in cloud ERP for manufacturing, today announced new Plex Insight applications, expanding the company’s suite of reporting, analytic and benchmarking tools. Designed specifically for needs of global manufacturers, the new IntelliPlex Financial and Sales & Order Management Analytic applications offer customers easy access to rich, comprehensive analytics that can be easily customized to inform decisions at every level of operation.

Plex Insight: Visible Manufacturing Intelligence

Taking full advantage of the data available from across the manufacturing enterprise, including multiple international facilities, connected systems in the supply chain, and machines and mobile devices used on the shop floor, the IntelliPlex applications translate data into tangible insights for the manufacturing enterprise. The Plex Sales & Order Management Analytic and Plex Financial Analytic applications deliver all data in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop customizable dashboard, enabling simpler creation and sharing of reports for finance, sales and order management decision making.

Plex Financial Analytic Application

  • The new Plex Financial Analytic application caters to the needs of CFOs and financial leaders, reporting a collection of key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics across manufacturing entities with support for multiple currencies and time zones.
  • The application offers an information-rich, at-a-glance view of organization financials for business users to perform multi-dimensional analysis and create custom reports covering revenue, product line performance, gross margin trends and other metrics.
  • With the Plex Financial Analytic application, financial leaders can uncover anomalies and identify trends in financial performance, enabling a secure look into an organization’s financial health.
  • The Plex Financial Analytic application is available to Plex customers now.

Plex Sales & Order Management Analytic Application

  • The new Plex Sales & Order Management Analytic application provides the metrics most desired by sales leaders, with insight into organization’s booking and order fulfillment performance.
  • The visual, customizable reports offer in-depth analysis of KPIs such as order fill rate, customer lead times, product mix revenues and lost customers.
  • Just like the financial analytic tool, the application features drill-down capabilities to allow users to source transactions for further investigation and follow-up.
  • The Plex Sales & Order Management Analytic application will be available to Plex customers later in Q2 2016.

More than 200 Plex customers are already using the IntelliPlex Analytic Platform, which includes the data warehouse and report-building capabilities. Customers can also subscribe to domain-specific applications for even deeper awareness of organization performance and faster decision making. Plex is planning to deliver additional IntelliPlex analytic applications on a regular basis, including support for production, purchasing, supply chain, and human capital management.

Comments on the News

“The ability to make decisions and plan with a foundation based in near real time analytics and performance comparisons is the best value we can bring to our customers,” said Karl Ederle, group vice president of product management for Plex. “More than 200 customers are currently using IntelliPlex today to tap into the rich data captured and stored in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, and we’re excited to extend the suite of analytic applications to support everything from sales to supply chain management.”

“Quatro serves fast-moving industries such as aerospace and medical device manufacturers, so accelerating our ability to respond to customers is always top-of-mind,” said Andrew Lipps, director of ERP at Quatro Composites. “Plex Analytic applications allow us to quickly build reports and analytics based on the timely needs of the business, leveraging data from across the organization. That means we can respond more quickly and more accurately for our customers. We no longer rely on spreadsheets and can evaluate data without unnecessary meetings or a long gathering process.”