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Rockwell Automation Has Acquired Plex Systems

Plex Brings Manufacturers Improved Flexibility, Efficiency in Production Scheduling

January 27, 2011

Plex Systems, Inc., provider of the No. 1 rated manufacturing ERP software, announces the newly added features that enhance its production scheduling functionality.

Plex Systems, Inc., provider of the No. 1 rated manufacturing ERP software, today announced it has added features that enhance its production scheduling functionality.

In the Advanced Planning and Scheduling module, also known as Finite Scheduling, Plex Online users can now create a variety of scheduling scenarios. They can pull scheduling parameter reports that show all jobs, operations, and constraints that contribute to particular scenario results. Users can then review and adjust these "test" scenarios in order to increase their operational efficiency - by changing sequencing, prep times, or other parameters.

The Plex Online Scheduler screen options are now more streamlined; users can choose to auto-run and approve a scheduling scenario all in one step. They can track more precisely the jobs that run through individual work centers and, if needed, they can also "auto run" jobs through only selected work centers.

Two other enhancements take advantage of Plex Online's capabilities to record and integrate information about part attributes. A new workcenter type-scheduling sort method gathers information about each part that will be processed, and sorts the information into "like attributes" identified by the user. For instance, it can sort parts that require the same type of gauges, or oil with the same viscosity. A second feature allows the user to prioritize jobs based on part attributes such as oil type.

Mark Symonds, CEO and president, Plex Systems, said, "With increased pressure to increase their productivity, manufacturers need the greatest possible access to information and the most flexibility in all aspects of their operations, including scheduling. We are pleased to bring them that flexibility."

These new enhancements are available immediately to all new and existing users. "Immediate access to new features is one of the unsung benefits of the SaaS model pioneered by Plex Online," said Symonds. "The Advanced Planning and Scheduling module is automatically linked with the full ERP system - everything from the 'shop floor to the top floor' - so scheduling data and functions are tied to costing, quality and other related operations. This makes the system's scheduling capabilities even more powerful for Plex Online users."