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Plex Powers the Manufacturing Enterprise in the Cloud

June 10, 2014

Plex, the leader in cloud ERP for the manufacturing enterprise, announces Plex Enterprise Edition, a suite of applications built to support complex, global, multiplant manufacturing organizations’ Financial and Supply Chain Management requirements.

Grand Rapids, MICH., June 10, 2014 — Plex, the leader in cloud ERP for the manufacturing enterprise, Tuesday announced Plex Enterprise Edition, a suite of applications built to support complex, global, multiplant manufacturing organizations’ Financial and Supply Chain Management requirements. Built in close collaboration with Plex customers, the first component of Plex Enterprise Edition — Financials — has already been delivered. Plex Enterprise Supply Chain, will be available to customers in the second half of 2014 as part of Plex’s continuous development innovation model.

What’s New

  • Plex worked closely with large manufacturing organizations, including Inteva Products, to design and develop applications that support complex, multisite manufacturing operations worldwide.
  • With Plex Enterprise Edition, large manufacturers can centralize purchasing, cash management, invoicing and reporting — all in the cloud — for comprehensive shop-floor-to-top-floor management across and between all of their business entities.
  • Plex Enterprise Edition provides consolidated visibility and insight across the entire business, as well as deep-dive analysis of specific plants and products — all via Plex’s embedded business intelligence.
  • Plex Enterprise Financials taps into the Plex Manufacturing Cloud’s unprecedented data and connectivity resources, extending across the entire manufacturing supply chain from raw materials and suppliers to end customers.

Plex Enterprise Edition

Plex Enterprise Edition includes new Financial and Supply Chain applications, all available in 2014.

Plex Enterprise Financials, available now, includes:

  • Accounting with enterprise chart of accounts management, general ledger structures, inter-entity journal accounting, inventory transfers and consolidated financial reporting.
  • Cash Management for consolidated banking needs, including centralized payments, receipts and account reconciliation.

Plex Enterprise Supply Chain, scheduled for the second half of 2014, includes:

  • Sales Order Management, which enables central administration of customer sales orders and billing, while any organization facility can fulfill orders.
  • Purchasing, whichsimilarly provides for a single, central operating unit to order goods and services on behalf of any business entity and manage purchase orders executed by any unit across the group.

Both centralized sales order management and purchasing also support automated inter-entity billing as part of the distributed order fulfillment process.

Plex Enterprise Leadership

Plex Enterprise Edition builds on the momentum Plex has achieved within the global manufacturing community as the company continues to release capabilities required by customers worldwide.

  • Plex supports customers operating across 1,100 facilities in 20 countries, in nine languages.
  • Plex customers across the European Union are utilizing Plex’s full VAT calculation capabilities, including reverse charges on cross-border shipment of goods.
  • Manufacturers in Brazil can now take advantage of Plex’s integrated national and local tax calculation solutions.

Comments on the News

“Plex enables us to run more than 30 manufacturing facilities around the world, all on a single cloud platform,” said Dennis Hodges, chief information officer of Inteva. “Just as important, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud gives Inteva access to continuous innovation, so my team can take advantage of new opportunities to drive our business forward, whether that means deploying Plex in a new facility or enabling new functionality. Plex makes enterprise software a business decision rather than an IT decision, and that’s transformed how we run our operation.”

“The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is the ideal platform for today’s complex, global manufacturing organizations because it uniquely provides shop-floor agility combined with enterprise-class visibility, accounting, reporting and oversight,” said Jason Blessing, Plex chief executive officer. “Plex Enterprise Edition continues in the strong tradition of our solutions, built hand in hand with our customers to meet their most demanding requirements as they move all their business operations to the cloud.”