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Plex Systems Chosen by ZEVx to Automate Manufacturing for Fleet Electrification and EV Platforms

August 9, 2022

Cloud-native Plex MES from Rockwell Automation will support growth plan to rapidly scale

August 9, 2022Plex Systems, a Rockwell Automation company and a leader in cloud-delivered smart manufacturing solutions, today announced ZEVx, Inc. has selected Plex Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to drive production of its electrification solutions. ZEVx builds and designs battery electric power systems and data intelligence for e-mobility applications. The selection of Plex comes on the heels of a strategic partnership between ZEVx and Rockwell Automation announced in April for the utilization of Vuforia Expert Capture, a FactoryTalk Innovation Suite solution powered by PTC that captures and shares knowledge digitally for rapid employee training and onboarding.

By using Plex, a cloud-native and fully digital system, ZEVx aims to automate its manual processes and improve data visibility, accuracy, and reporting to support its aggressive growth plan. With a need for strong quality and traceability capabilities, ZEVx chose Plex MES to help ensure a high level of compliance to meet certifications such as IATF and ISO.

“The addition of Plex MES as a part of our Rockwell Automation collaboration will allow us to accelerate battery electric power systems strategy,” commented Charles Maury, founder and chief data officer, ZEVx. “Plex’s heritage in smart manufacturing technologies for the automotive industry, including functionality related to supplier and inventory management, were central to our selection. The Plex technology is integral to ZEVx’s scalability and agility on our path to becoming the leader in battery electric power systems and data intelligence for e-mobility applications.”

“We are excited about the expanded collaboration with ZEVx for MES and to see that our comprehensive offering of production automation and management solutions is delivering increased value to customers,” commented Luca De Ferrari, vice president, Information Solutions, Americas at Rockwell Automation. “The automation of traceability and quality processes enabled by Plex MES will allow ZEVx to eliminate paper-based, time-consuming manual processes while unlocking real-time decision making. With our support, ZEVx is establishing a smart battery electric power systems foundation which will help them achieve a competitive advantage.”

About ZEVx

ZEVX aims to be the worldwide leader in battery electric power systems and data intelligence for e-mobility applications. ZEVX has a series of battery electric powertrain and power system products that quickly migrate commercial fleet assets to zero carbon. ZEVX has a service mission to support customers through a deep partner network using existing automotive service infrastructure. This provides rapid adoption through the service network to install and deliver advanced data intelligence from fleet assets to optimize the carbon transition.

Shannon Kendall
Investor Relations
ZEVx, Inc.
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