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Plex Systems Completes Record Year in 2014

January 27, 2015

Plex, the leader in cloud-based ERP for manufacturers, delivers another record year in 2014, passing the 400 customer milestone and powering more than 1,300 manufacturing facilities around the world.

TROY, MICH., Jan. 27, 2015 – Plex, the leader in cloud-based ERP for manufacturers, delivered another record year in 2014, passing the 400 customer milestone and powering more than 1,300 manufacturing facilities around the world. As the cloud becomes the new standard for enterprise software, Plex continues to pioneer new solutions to support growing, global manufacturers from the shop floor to the top floor. New Plex customers span both process and discrete manufacturing, and include both mid-sized organizations and multinational enterprises.

Plex Highlights for 2014

Industry leaders in Process and Discrete Manufacturing continued to Choose Plex in 2014

  • Country Maid Inc. – a 100 percent employee-owned company, manufactures the “famous” Butter Braid® brand pastry available only through fundraisers for the purpose of helping non-profit groups raise funds for various causes.
  • The Champion Companies – which includes Stronghold shipping and storage container manufacturer Champion GSE, embalming fluid pioneer The Champion Company, and Kreider Corporation which specializes in the assembly, metal stamping, welding, welding, and product and tool design for the manufacturing industry.
  • Wanco, Inc. – established in 1984, Wanco Inc. has been the leader in the manufacturing of highway safety and traffic control products, portable security and portable lighting for more than 30 years. Wanco’s comprehensive line of portable solutions is suited to a variety of informational, safety, security, law enforcement, and traffic control applications.

New Customer go-lives in 2014 included

  • Accuride continued to expand their Plex deployment, adding three new manufacturing facilities and selecting Plex Enterprise Edition to provide organization-wide visibility and control for their business.
  • Dominion Liquid specializes in the production of liquid food and beverage products including syrups, cocktail mixers, sauces and isotonics. Dominion deployed Plex to support process manufacturing operations, enabling better inventory and quality management, as well as paperless administration across their operations.
  • Stant is a world leader in Vapor Management systems, Fuel Delivery systems, Thermal Management systems and Engineering Services. Stant deployed Plex, enabling streamlined production processes and comprehensive shop floor visibility, achieving cost reduction while supporting better and faster business decisions.
  • Additionally, more than 100 organizations expanded their use of Plex or brought new facilities online in 2014.

New Products and Continuous Innovation in the Manufacturing Cloud

  • Plex delivered Plex Enterprise Edition to help large manufacturers centralize purchasing, cash management, invoicing and reporting across multiple facilities and lines of business.
  • Plex delivered Finite Scheduling, helping organizations plan and manage the availability and utilization of employees, tools, fixtures, work-center space and other manufacturing resources, maximizing shop-floor efficiency while ensuring on-time delivery of products to customers.
  • Plex delivered a new user experience designed to provide a seamless simple experience for users on the shop floor, in the office or via machines and mobile devices.
  • Plex continued to pioneer the use of wearable technology on the shop floor, including a demonstration of Google Glass integrated with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Accolades for Growth and Culture in 2014

  • Plex was named to the JMP Securities “Hot 100” list of the Best Privately Held Software Companies
  • Plex continued to be recognized as one of the best places to work, both regionally and nationally, with accolades including Detroit Free Press’ Top Workplaces, Metropolitan Detroit’s 101 Best and Brightest 2014, Wealthfront’s list of 100 Career Launching Technology Companies in 2014 and Forbes’ list of The Best Cloud-Based Enterprise Software Startups To Work For In 2014

Comments on 2014

“Plex took bold steps in 2014, building on our cloud leadership with new enterprise and manufacturing operations solutions, as well as groundbreaking innovation in wearable technology for the shop floor,” said Jason Blessing, Plex CEO.  “We brought more than 100 new facilities live on the Manufacturing cloud this year, exceeded our financial targets, and achieved renewal rates well beyond industry benchmarks. As we enter 2015, Plex continues to be perfectly positioned to drive the manufacturing industry transition to the cloud.”

“Dominion Liquid Technologies works every day at the intersection of innovation and customer service, and the Plex Manufacturing Cloud has enabled us to move faster and be more creative with our products, while always delivering the quality and service our customers expect,” said Charlie Cain, DLT’s president and CEO. “When it came to choosing an ERP partner, the energy and commitment of Plex and its entire customer community were head and shoulders above the competition. As a customer, I now understand why.”

“Accuride manufactures many of the same components at more than one production facility, but Plex now will enable us to easily view real-time production and business information at the enterprise level,” said Paul Wright, director of IT for Accuride. “This portfolio view of our operations that the Plex Enterprise Financials and Supply Chain applications provide will unlock a host of efficiencies, such as fulfilling orders based on inventory and proximity to the end-customer and improved forecasting across all of Accuride.”