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Real-Time Information Puts Customers First

FloraCraft, the world's largest maker and supplier of floral foam products, replaced its legacy system and gained a unified view of operations to stay agile while putting customers first. See how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is the backbone of manufacturing business operations.

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All BRC Rubber employees access the same data, resulting in better collaboration.

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Improves on-time shipping and product quality with Plex.

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Achieves 99.98% inventory accuracy with no physical inventory count required.

Delivers quality products on-time for leading retailers, like Wal-mart.

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Improves inventory accuracy, cost tracking and pricing capabilities.

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Redeployed 50% of its IT staff to more strategic activities.

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Replaced multiple legacy systems, increasing visibility and collaboration.

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Employee productivity soared due to easy of information that flows through Plex.

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Manages inventory in real-time, ending need for physical inventory counts.

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Manufacturing Agility through MES Excellence

Read more about why manufacturing agility is important in today's world of fluctuating demand and constant change.

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Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter

Discover how to select the best metrics approach that aligns with your business manufacturing processes.

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3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Choose Plex

Discover the competitive advantage of running your business with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

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See how industrial manufacturing organizations like yours are harnessing the power of Plex.

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