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412% ROI!

Get the Forrester Consulting Study exploring the ROI of the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform.

Manufacturing Shop Floor

Built for Manufacturing Across Industries

Connect the people, systems, and supply chains specific to your industry’s demands and meet industry-specific quality standards.

Aerospace Manufacturing

Exceed customer expectations and drive increased margins with world-class quality, end-to-end traceability, automated business processes and streamlined supply chains.

Aerospace Manufacturing Shop Floor Parts

Automotive Manufacturing

Increase your productivity, visibility, and supplier rating to improve your responsiveness, drive shorter cycle times, and reduce risk.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry Parts

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Get compliant, take control, and gain complete traceability over your entire food and beverage manufacturing process.    

Food and Beverage

High-tech and Electronics Manufacturing

Meet relentless customer demand for on-time product delivery with industry-leading control and traceability.

High Tech and Electronics

Industrial Manufacturing

Take operational control by connecting your business decision-makers and production teams.

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing

Support the demands of high-volume, high-quality production with unmatched visibility and greater operational control.

Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing

Precision Metalforming and Fabrication Manufacturing

Increase productivity while reducing your cost of quality by maintaining tight control over inventory, equipment, schedules, and costs.

Precision Metalforming and Fabrication Manufacturing

Ready to start solving problems before they become problems?