Consolidate to Report

Get a holistic view of your enterprise through financial consolidation and the unified reporting processes of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.


Enter Once, Consolidate as Needed

Save time and get full visibility across your enterprise with multi-entity reporting and consolidations. Avoid duplicate entry and establish clear audit trails for an accurate traceability of your financial data.

Focus on Your Financials: Integrate ERP and Financial Management

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Eliminate duplication and delays — a single entry in any connected business of your enterprise is immediately visible in consolidated statements

Keep your financial data complete, timely and auditable with pre-defined entity hierarchy relationships

Gain insight using a defined hierarchical reporting structure for your enterprise with drill-down analysis

Save time with automated and simplified adjustment and elimination processes that help you close accounting periods faster

Avoid Duplicate Postings

Eliminate worries about transactional errors from duplicate postings. With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud financial consolidation and unified reporting functionality, you only have to enter a transaction once, whether at the entity level or at the consolidated level. As the books are closed at a lower level, you have immediate access to data for consolidation, avoiding duplicate entries, delays and potential errors.

Charts of Accounts

Maintain your own unique chart of accounts at the entity level, and yet consolidate financial information easily and intuitively by mapping at the account group or category level, keeping the consolidated financial statements consistent for your enterprise. Perform a more holistic analysis and reconciliation by linking individual connected entity-level statements to the consolidated ones.

Visible Everywhere

When you enter transactions in an entity of your enterprise, those transactions become instantaneously reportable at the consolidated level. Plex provides you with a quick and easy way to enter and reconcile these entries, so your focus stays on finalizing and publishing the results.

Focus on Financials

Create value through real-time financial tracking and comprehensive business process management.

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