Order to Cash

Keep your customers happy with timely and streamlined order entry, shipping and invoicing while efficiently collecting cash.

Focus on the Customer

Turn prospects into customers and orders into cash with Plex order to cash processes. Keep your organization focused on customer satisfaction by integrating sales order information across your organization, including production planning, distribution scheduling, sales forecasting and more.

Gaining Operational Control: Lean, Mean, or Somewhere In Between

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Maintain a centralized connected system for all customer-facing interactions to keep your customers in the loop

Increase efficiency and simplify your sales order management processes with highly configurable and user-friendly order entry

Automate sales order processing with integrated and customizable EDI to bring your customers closer to your business

Seamlessly integrate sales order information with your scheduling, production and inventory management for on-time delivery

Reduce your administrative costs through real-time automated Advance Shipment Notifications (ASN), an extensive network of merchant banks for payment processing and more

Align customer sales with commission tracking in both AR and AP for end-to-end management of your receivables and sales team compensation

Happier Customers, Better Cash Flow

Manual and inefficient processes can jeopardize your customer relationships, cause extra work, potentially delay payments and lead to revenue loss. Avoid these problems by automating routine order to cash  processes with auto-creation of AR invoices on shipments, scheduling manufacturing tasks based on customer releases, and sending proactive shipment notifications to customers. Through this automation and end-to-end integration, you can reduce manual efforts and speed up fulfillment and collections — all while delivering better customer service.

Automate Your Processes

Take advantage of best-in-class, fully integrated and highly cost-effective EDI capabilities to communicate with your customers. Improve your efficiency by using flexible options for rapid entry of order and release data. Receive orders and releases in a timely and accurate manner as they become instantly available throughout the organization. 

Everything Works Together

As soon as orders and releases are entered in the system, the data is instantly visible to all departments. Respond quickly with inventory picking and shipping when stock is available, or notify production of allocations against ongoing work. Plan effectively with your Master Production Scheduling and Material Resource Planning (MRP) for raw materials and scheduling of production. 


Deploying Inventory Based On Lead Times

Watch this webinar to understand why putting the right inventory in the right place can be much more effective than traditional inventory management strategies.

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