Plan to Produce

Avoid material shortages and control costs while improving supplier relations and cash flow with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

Focus on Manufacturing

Keep your manufacturing resources dedicated to meeting customer demands while improving efficiency and on-time completion. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers broad and deep functionality for manufacturing execution — from scheduling to inventory control to production.

ERP Tracebility Beyond the Hype

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Meet your customer delivery schedules and maintain the right amount of inventory through effective materials and production planning

Make the most of your resources with a closed loop connection to production control

Automate inventory management and enable real-time production reporting through integrated barcoding and plant equipment connectivity for error-proof tracking

Know the complete history of every part and product with high-resolution traceability from supplier to customer

Keep equipment operating at peak performance with Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Manage quality from the “manufacturing moment” with integral quality control functions, including statistical process control (SPC), checksheets and more

Traceability to Mitigate the Risk of Recalls

It’s hard enough to deal with customer demands and regulatory requirements without worrying about warranty issues and potential recalls. In today’s fast-paced markets, it’s more important than ever to record and archive every detail throughout the life of a product and its constituent inventory. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud includes integrated barcoding for error-proof data collection with real-time plant floor reporting, giving you an end-to-end track-and-trace database and retrieval system. 

Born on the Shop Floor

What would be better than full visibility and control over your plant operations? Built from the ground up with manufacturing in mind, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud collects shop floor data in real time with the help of shop floor automation. Direct connections to equipment, integrated barcoding and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) functionality provide unmatched traceability. 

Quality Built In, Not Added On

Plex helps companies keep their quality commitments and maintain good practices to meet customer and regulatory expectations. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud enforces required measurements and process steps, ensures that equipment and operators are qualified, and automatically logs all pertinent data for documentation and traceability. This proactive compliance to quality specifications makes it difficult to make a bad part — and you can prove it with a detailed audit trail.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Manage what you measure. OEE provides a complete picture of your manufacturing effectiveness.

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