Procure to Pay

Take advantage of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to avoid shortages and control material costs in your business while maintaining quality and improving supplier relations.

Purchasing With End-to-End Visibility

Gain control of your procure-to-pay (P2P) process with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Plan and automate your purchases, proactively communicate with your suppliers, manage the quality of material and increase inventory availability, all while improving your cash flow.

Integrate ERP and Financial Management: Focus on Financials

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Confidently execute the procure-to-pay process from material planning all the way through payments to your suppliers, with full end-to-end visibility

Automate and streamline your procure-to-pay process by integrating purchasing with MRP, receiving, payments and financial accounting, and deliver efficiencies through EDI POs, releases, ASNs and invoices

Improve communications with your suppliers by using supplier portal and/or EDI for close collaboration on production schedules and delivery plans

Better manage your cash by automating and controlling payables processes, including the three-way matching option for reconciling purchase orders, receipts and invoices

Increase your material quality with integrated quality management functions, problem reporting and control mechanisms, as well as a supplier quality scorecard

Use advanced quality functions to support FMEA, CAPA, 8D, PR/R and other industry-specific quality management requirements to stay ahead of the competition

The Cost of Quality

Getting suppliers to deliver on time with high quality and low cost is no small feat. There are many questions you can ask during the procurement purchasing process: Did we transmit the PO on time? Have we received the right parts on time? Are we sure we paid the right price? Disconnected external quality management systems can create delays and duplicated effort while failing to produce an end-to-end record for traceability. With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, you have everything you need for an efficient and confident procurement process through integrated, industry-leading quality management functionality. Test plans, traceability, measurements and reports are all integrated into powerful Plex procure-to-pay functionality, available at your fingertips. 

Focus on the Bottom Line

Materials make up a significant part of cost of goods. Use Plex to communicate proactively and effectively with key suppliers — reducing errors and costs as a result — to ensure that you get the quality and timely delivery you need. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud integrates purchasing with MRP, receiving, payments and financial accounting to keep all parts of the organization working together in a harmony, delivering your business a competitive edge. 

Enhance Supplier Communications

Give your suppliers a comprehensive solution for bi-directional communication and collaboration. The Plex Supplier Portal in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers a complete view of plans and schedules, current orders, previous transactions, quality measurements, material specifications, payment status and more. You stay informed through confirmations, ship notices and other important information entered by your suppliers. You also reduce time and effort spent on answering supplier questions. And to ensure data safety, you can control and limit supplier access to only the items, orders and information that pertain to their business with you.


Supplier Portals: Insight into an Effective Supply Chain

Learn how real-time supplier portals help suppliers communicate and manage deliveries across the enterprise.

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