Reconcile to Report

Save time, eliminate duplication of effort and gain a clear view of real-time financial data for your business with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.


Information When You Need It

Keep a close eye on your company’s financial health and spot trends early through real-time postings, comprehensive audit trails and robust reporting capabilities.

Focus on Financials: Integrating ERP and Financial Management

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Stay informed with real-time data. Get access to an interconnected view of data for your business, immediately visible throughout the system

Take control of your financial reporting with easy, secure and auditable adjustments

Stay in compliance with the help of complete and comprehensive audit trails that track all changes, including the day and time, who made the change and the change itself

Be on top of all financial activities created by inventory, production, fixed assets, payables, receivables and accounting functions of your business

Close Sooner, With Confidence

The pressure of closing your books each accounting period seldom leaves time for proper analysis and follow-up. With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, you don’t have to wait for month-end to look for issues or inconsistencies. Journal entries — created for every transaction — are available at any time, so financial management processes don’t have to be crammed into the last few very busy days. You can close accounting periods more quickly, as financial matters get the full attention they deserve all month long.  

Do Your Analysis Right

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud reports let you analyze transactions by account and date range. You can check source data to verify accuracy — and even drill into any transaction to identify and reconcile issues prior to posting to the General Ledger — giving you an integral financial view of your business.

Together in One Integrated System

General Ledger is an integral part of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud infrastructure. You can create journal entries by operational activities such as inventory movement, shop floor activity, shipments, invoices and more. These links are embedded in the fabric of Plex, so financial analysts can drill down from consolidated financial reports all the way to the originating transactions for an unhindered and traceable view of your business. 


Focus on Financials

Create value through real-time financial tracking and comprehensive business process management.

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