Manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Gain enterprise-wide visibility, standardize processes, and stay on top of industry changes and regulatory needs—and be more responsive to customer demands.

Manufacturing ERP System

Manage the Business of Manufacturing

As a manufacturer, you face significant challenges including globalization, mergers or acquisitions, digitalization of the supply chain, and more that impact how you run your manufacturing business. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP software solution is designed for your industry so you can more effectively meet these challenges and manage a successful business.

At a Glance

Stay on top of your enterprise with a consolidated view of actionable data.

Minimize risks by staying in compliance with statutory and industry regulations.

Exercise control and standardization through real-time visibility of operations, across all of your manufacturing facilities.

Optimize results through supply chain collaboration and automated sales processes.

Build an ecosystem of efficient and trained workforce, and accurately track time and attendance for payroll calculations.

Analyst Research

Evolving Cloud Manufacturing Strategies

Understand manufacturers’ enterprise software implementations as it relates to cloud as a delivery model.

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One Solution, Multiple Plants

Manage multiple facilities within one, unified solution with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.

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The Next Generation Approach to ERP Data Integration

Learn about a more effective, cost-efficient approach to ERP data integration.

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Manufacturing ERP Solutions in the Cloud

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is built on a single source of truth, bringing together the fundamental components of managing manufacturing operations so you can focus on your business—not on maintaining software functionality, disparate systems, or upgrades.

What Makes Plex Different?

You need a modern and comprehensive business management system that is purpose-built for your industry—an ERP system that has the depth and breadth in various functional areas.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables you to effectively manage your financial, operational, and IT strategies within one unified system—beyond ERP and MES. A single source of truth that connects your plant floor to your top floor, giving you end-to-end supply chain and production visibility and control with real-time access to data across your entire manufacturing enterprise.

See how Plex solves your business challenges for: Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Industrial Automation (M2M).

Run a World-Class Manufacturing Enterprise

ERP isn’t just for large manufacturing enterprises anymore. No matter the size of your operations, you can leverage the comprehensive functionality that today’s modern manufacturing requires at a fraction of the cost of legacy ERP systems. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables you to:

  • Gain quicker returns on your investments with comprehensive functionality out-of-the-box.
  • Avoid incurring additional costs of licensing and custom integration charges for add-on functionality, including electronic data interchange (EDI), time and attendance, supplier and customer portals, and more.
  • Engage employees with anytime, anywhere access to cloud ERP functions.
  • Automate your cross-departmental business processes with confidence.
  • Extract insight from data that flows across various departments and functions in the enterprise.
  • Ramp up in a shorter timeframe–without an upfront investment.
“Preparing shipping documents, sending ASNs, creating purchase orders, and more are only a click away.” President, Plastics & Rubber Manufacturer

Leverage a Purpose-Built ERP for Manufacturers

Don’t get stuck with “generic” ERP software system. You’ll be dealing with limited functionality and spending time on endless customization rather than focusing on your core business.

You need a system that is focused on your industry, speaks its language, is configured rather than customized, and delivers one unified comprehensive view of the business for greater ROI from your ERP.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is specifically built for you—so you can manage the businesses of manufacturing:

  • Automate your plant floor and inform your top floor for a better understand of your operational and business performance.
  • Monitor and control your plant floor activities to make better business decisions that contribute to your business’ success and responsiveness.
  • Regain and maintain control of quality for reduced waste, greater customer satisfaction, and industry compliance.
“We felt Plex was a much better fit for us because it is designed specifically for manufacturers.” Rick Dauch, President and CEO, Accuride

Rely on A Unified Platform

Relying on bolt-on systems typically means that you will spend more of your IT budget on the endless loop of integration, customization, re-training, and re-implementation. A “Frankenstein IT ecosystem” can negatively impact your business performance and your ability to effectively compete in today’s economy.

All of Plex’s software including that of cloud ERP, manufacturing operations and shop floor activities are built-in to a unified platform—not bolted-on so you can:

  • Gain accurate, near real-time insight from your operations connected to a central, single source of truth.
  • Accelerate strategic and tactical business decisions by synergizing work streams into a single system.
  • Take advantage of master records that are defined once and used enterprise-wide for a consistent and integral business view.

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Why should you choose Plex?

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