Industrial Automation for Manufacturers

Equip your plant floor with machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and access accurate production data over any device.

machine-to-machine (m2m) communication

Work Smarter with Connected Manufacturing

Picture a fully-connected manufacturing business where machines, devices, and people work seamlessly, sharing and acting on information in real time. With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud you can leverage automated production measurements and processes that deliver on the promise of the connected enterprise.

At a Glance

Track your resources with full data connectivity between plant floor and core ERP functions.

Minimize errors and speed production through machine-to-machine communication.

Manage inventory and material in real-time with connected mobile scanners and measurement devices.

Enable the industrial Internet of things (IIoT) through bi-directional communication with advanced sensors, wireless torque wrenches and calipers, PLCs, smart glasses, and other smart devices.

Use wearable devices for hands-free operation, data scanning, on-screen work instructions, and workstation navigation.

Gain plant floor and production visibility from anywhere, over any device.

Industrial Automation Software in the Cloud

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud gives you a single, consolidated data warehouse and cloud platform, eliminating data silos while supporting real-time information availability. This centralizes data collection and breaks down information silos while making that data easy to access and digest.

What Makes Plex Different?

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables you to effectively manage your financial, operational, and IT strategies within one unified system—beyond ERP and MES. A single source of truth that connects your plant floor to your top floor, giving you end-to-end supply chain and production visibility and control with real-time access to data across your entire manufacturing enterprise.

See how Plex solves your business challenges for: Integrated Business Planning (IBP), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Industrial Automation (M2M).

Simplify and Connect Manufacturing Operations

You require an agile platform for manufacturing automation that centralizes both data capture and reporting across the enterprise that can also introduce and integrate evolving technologies. This allows your workers to focus their time on production and business decisions instead of collecting and organizing data, and provides flexibility for new innovation.

Industrial automation enabled by Plex:

  • Captures machine data at the “manufacturing moment.”
  • Eliminates manual processes, inventory tracking, and paper documentation.
  • Ensures total production visibility to the plant floor.
  • Detects issues in real time for rapid or preemptive resolution.
  • Enables rapid integration of and communication with manufacturing sensors, smart tools, and mobile devices.
“With Plex all our activities and the data they produce are linked so that we can see in real time what is really happening in our business.” Paul Wright, CIO, Accuride

Cut Costs and Waste with Machine Communication

Smart machines, from stamping presses to mixing tanks, are capable of sharing information about their status and the status of the material being produced, whether it’s metal bars or candy bars.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud supports bi-directional machine communication so you can:

  • Ensure that proper production speed and yields are met with information sharing.
  • Communicate with ERP software to receive proper production specs and validate they meet them.
  • Alert employees about material shortage, part failures or mean-time-to-repair projections.
  • Create automated WIP handoffs for higher production efficiency and better throughput.
“By reducing the interaction between the team members and the display, our team members are able to 100% focus on their process as well as their quality checks of the products they produce. We're also using the integration data to display real-time on our plant floor, so our floor-side leadership can recognize and react to production problems.” Mark Redmond, Toyotetsu

Leverage Manufacturing Intelligence

Manufacturing generates an enormous amount of data, yet many manufacturers are overwhelmed by the data they have so it goes unused. This represents an enormous lost opportunity. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud provides full connectivity between plant floor and business management functions so you can:

  • Access production data for any facility in the enterprise any time, from anywhere.
  • Create role-specific reports and user defined dashboards.
  • Share and compare reports with other users.
  • Decipher and depict trends and patterns for proactive management.
“With all metrics stored in a single place, we use IntelliPlex analytics to get the information we need—when and where we need it. The dashboards and reporting can be customized to serve virtually any role in the organization.” Director of ERP, Composites Manufacturer

Work from Any Device

Manufacturing employees, along with the machines across the plant floor, are becoming increasingly untethered. This expands not only a user’s reach but also the amount of information being transmitted throughout a manufacturing operation over the air. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers mobility as a core part of the solution, not as an afterthought. With Plex Mobility you can:

  • Receive pertinent machine and production information and enter changes.
  • Become more efficient with modern hands-free wearable technologies like smart glasses and wireless ring scanners.
  • Record inventory moves through connected bar code scanners or RFID readers.
“Having access to our entire company at my fingertips is really a game-changer. If something happens after-hours or when I’m away from the office, I can jump on a smartphone or a tablet and access all the information I need to make a decision quickly.” Art DiTulio, IT Director, Cadillac Products

Why should you choose Plex?

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